Love Goes

Rank: 5/5 

A compilation of 17 tracks, in “Love Goes” Sam Smith takes fans on an adventure of love, heartbreak, forgiveness and freedom.

Opening with an instant classic, “Young” speaks about not only living the young life, but living it to the fullest and having no regrets. It’s an unapologetic tale of the memories that people make in life, especially in their youth. 

Skipping down the list to “My Oasis,” this track serenades us with underlying afrobeats that also features Nigerian artist, Burna Boy. Released as one of their earlier singles before the album dropped, “My Oasis” is that song that is sultry and packs a ton of heat. 

Keeping to their traditional heart-wrenching ballads, “For The Lover That I Lost” is a goodbye story to a lost love, and needless to say, it gives all the feels. Singing about the memories of kisses, vacations and all of the ups and downs of relationships, it’s highly relatable to anyone that’s loved and lost before. 

Leaving fans on a high, “Promises” is a high energy dance track that would put anyone in the mood to move. Created in collaboration with Calvin Harris, it is bound to quickly climb the ranks in popularity.

For starters, if I could rank this album higher than five, I would give it all the stars. This is the type of album I look for generally, but especially when I’m doing a review on music. When you’re instantly connected to the material, it’s so easy to write about. 

During my process with music, I always go through three listening rounds. Round one is a blind listen to the entire album, and afterwards I write my initial thoughts on the album. Round two is to see what stands out that didn’t the first time, like certain songs or lyrics. On the third round, I focus on which tracks I liked the most, or were the most thought provoking. 

With all of that being true, the ultimate goal is to not to go through three rounds. The goal is one round. My friends. This album is a one rounder. 

From the moment I clicked “Young,” I could not stop listening, nor did I want to.

Taking me on an emotional roller coaster, it was one ride I didn’t want to get off. I’ve been playing the album nonstop since first listening to it. 

Secondarily, what I truly appreciate about this collection of work is Smith’s ability to not only to stay true to their unique sound and voice, but also taking risks like their collaboration with Burna Boy. Who knew afrobeats mixed with Smith’s voice would be music gold?

I would recommend this album to any and everyone. Pour a glass of wine while cooking dinner and give it listen. Getting dressed in the morning? Press play. Either way, you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll want to listen again and again.

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