Selena Gomez EP

Stars: 4.5/5

Ever since I first watched Selena Gomez act and sing on Disney Channel as a child, I have never been disappointed by her as an actress or musical artist. 

On March 12, Gomez released her first fully Spanish-language EP titled “Revelación.” This is not the first time the Mexican American pop singer has embraced her Hispanic heritage through her music. Gomez’s fifth solo project comes almost a decade after she first recorded Spanish versions of her hit songs “A Year Without Rain” and “Who Says.”

Gomez experiments with a slew of different genres in comparison to her previous albums, with “Revelación” having a series of sultry Latin trap and reggaeton beats. In the first track “De Una Vez” (translated as “At Once” in English), the singer belts out a bittersweet melody describing a sense of healing and empowerment after a breakup, which I have to assume is about her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber that ended in 2012. Gomez had released this song back in January, which led it to becoming the first ever all-Spanish song sung by a female to debut as #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. 

The second track titled “Buscando Amor" "translated to “Looking for Love” in English) is about letting go and having a good time on your own with little distractions, A.K.A. men. Gomez described “Buscando Amor” on “Revelación Stories” by Spotify as a song that “every girl needs” that celebrates how beautiful women are. 

“Baila Conmigo” (translated to “Dance with Me” in English) is one of my favorite singles she released from this EP. This song makes me want to dance whenever I hear the beat drop during the chorus following Latin trap singer Rauw Alejandro’s opening verse. 

The fourth song “Dámelo To’” (translated to “Give it to me” in English) features Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers and is another favorite of mine from the project. Selena talked about this song in “Revelación Stories” being one of her favorites as well due to the fact that the lyrics made her feel powerful, deserving and sexy. The pre-chorus sung by Gomez translates to, “Finish what you started / Becausе nothing feels / Nothing feels, my love / Nothing feels better,” detailing her desire to be desired. The main reason why I love this song is because her voice in it sounds similar to how it does in her 2017 single “Bad Liar,” which sits comfortably at #1 in my list of top-ten songs by Gomez. 

The next song “Vicio” (translated to “Vice” in English), is an emotive track about Selena’s vice, her former lover’s lips. She sings about how much she needs him in her life by singing, “Nobody gives me what you give” in the second verse. I am particularly a fan of the repetition in the chorus’ lyrics where she repeats, “Your lips, your lips / Are my vice, my vice / Kiss me slowly, kiss me slowly.” 

“Adiós” (translated to “Bye” in English) dips into the singer’s frustration with someone who ignores her affection despite always claiming her as his own. Selena brushes him off with the simple yet effective lyrics, “This is not personal, there's nothing to explain, goodbye.” In “Revelación Stories” where she discusses the song’s meaning, she states that it is basically about a girl being “fed up with all the bull****,” which could honestly could not be more relatable. Gomez has repeatedly expressed this sort of “carefree” demeanor in a good majority of her songs directed towards the love interests she has had. 

The final track titled “Selfish Love” featuring DJ Snake is the only Spanish-English track on the mostly Spanish EP. Released as a single on March 4, this upbeat song and its dangerously hypnotic beat has Gomez thinking that the person she likes tries to make her jealous purposefully. This person has the singer believing that their relationship is nothing but a game to him. In the chorus, Gomez sings about wanting to play this game in the “All this time and we still got that selfish love / I like makin' you jealous.” While I do not think this song fits amongst the others, I still find this song admirable.

“Revelación” showcases Gomez’s passion for her Hispanic roots through a set of dance-worthy tracks boasting the singer’s improvement in learning the language. Hopefully, we will soon get to experience a deluxe version of the album.  

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