Silk Sonic

Stars: 5/5

I’m all for artist collaborations. I love nothing more than two great artists coming together for a project. It’s even better when the artists shed their identities and pick up a temporary persona. That’s exactly why I’m loving Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars’ new group Silk Sonic. 

I’ve recently been getting into Anderson .Paak, and Bruno Mars quite literally made the soundtrack to my preteen years, so this new duo seemed like a match made in heaven. The idea of this group is even better when you hear their debut song “Leave the Door Open” which I've had on repeat lately. 

When I first read the news about this single, I believed it was too good to be true. To top it off, two of the funkiest artists are coming together to make an anticipated album. I must say “Leave The Door Open" made me eager to hear more from this R&B super-duo.

The song reminds me a lot of Mars’ song “That’s What I Like,” but I really loved that song when it came out so I’m not mad about it. I think both of these artists have a similar vibe and personality, so it really does make sense they came together for a collab. I didn’t see it coming, so it’s the best kind of surprise. 

.Paak and Anderson created a song full of soul and fun. The single feels like it's sparkling in gold. The violins on the song also add a nice touch to it. .Paak’s humor and Mars’ pipes made the song what it is, and it is also a nice preview to what kind of sound the duo will create. It’s a perfect song, but it’s only just the beginning. Seventies soul and R&B is the biggest influence, and the duo played it out perfectly. They were able to capture that essence but make it their own. It’s groovy. 

This collaboration could not be more perfect. The ‘70s soul vibes this duo gives off are so groovy. I love that they’re taking it back with this style of music. I think it gives us a much-needed break from modern pop. When I first heard this single, I liked it, but when I saw Silk Sonic’s Grammy performance of “Leave the Door Open,” I became obsessed. This Grammy performance was a sultry ‘70s dream. The duo was decked out in matching brown suits and had coordinating choreography that was just perfect. 

”Leave The Door Open” has to be one of my favorite love songs right now. It just makes you want to dance and fall in love - that’s the power of music. 

I hear and understand the sound they’re going for, and that's what makes the song so great. Both of these talented artists know who they are musically inclined and can perfectly show that to their fans. It’s different and helps distinguish Mars and .Paak from other artists. 

The song is also very catchy, and the lyrics are continuously playing in your head. I had it on repeat and sang my heart out. I can’t wait to see what comes next. With an opening single as good as “Leave the Door Open” I have the highest hopes for this Silk Sonic album, so hopefully it lives up to the hype. I can’t wait for this album, and I really hope this is a project they revisit from time to time instead of giving it up after one album. 

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