south park

Stars: 3.5/5

Vaccines are rolling out all over the country. It is the hottest product out there, but there is a limited supply. People are growing eager as the government continues to expand eligibility for the vaccine. 

South Park's new special highlighted that eagerness by making Walgreens the hottest club in town. While essential workers and teachers wait outside, the elderly were able to easily get inside and party. 

The special also touched on the Capitol riots and QAnon conspiracy theories. The QAnon supporters decided to become tutors for the children, but they secretly tell them about outrageous conspiracy theories.

The special was funny, but it felt like some moments didn't land. I did like how they mentioned how teachers had a tough year, but they weren't even considered eligible for the vaccine. It's the same for essential workers, and it was important to add. They touched a bit on the new, and they criticized QAnon believers. 

They did a good job on touching on these topics within an hour. There were multiple events that happened since the pandemic special, but they mainly focused on the important ones, which helped the plot. It was tied together nicely, but it still felt like a lot was going on. 

It was bland at times, but there were good moments that made me laugh. It wasn't memorable, however. The writers did focus more on the boys, which helped drive the plot, and that focus helped the whole story make sense and  end well. 

The special was not for me, but I still appreciate the humor that we needed after a long year. We are more hopeful because of the vaccine. We'll eventually return back to normal, but for now, we have to just laugh it through until we get there. A little satire does not hurt.

I can still appreciate how "South Park" still tries to stay up-to-date and relevant when it comes to major events. 

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