teen wolf reunion special

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The ”Teen Wolf” cast reunited for a good cause, and fans got to relive memories their favorite teen show.

I was a hardcore “Teen Wolf” fan, so when I saw Tyler Posey tweet about wanting to get the pack back together, myself and thousands of other fans were completely on board. With this being the nine-year anniversary of the show, a comeback just felt right for everyone.

The date for the “Teen Wolf” reunion was pushed back to encourage fans to support the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the stream itself is a fundraiser for healthcare workers and first responders working during the pandemic.

Show creator Jeff Davis joined cast members Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, Cody Christian and many other fan favorites. The cast shared that they still stay connected and the Tyler and Dylan bromance moments did not disappoint.

O’Brien shared that he kept Stiles' jeep and even wore the first shirt we ever see Stiles in for the reunion.

“Everyone who knows me well knows that my heart lies and dies with Teen Wolf,” O’Brien said.

The cast played Teen Wolf trivia, and it was definitely fun to see how much they did, or didn’t, remember. The cast also shared their favorite episodes, and like many fans, “Motel California” from season three and the first episode “Wolf Moon” are some of their favorites. 

“Everything completely changed, I think it changed a lot of our lives,” actress Shelley Henning who played Malia Tate shared about when she joined the show and how it impacted her.

One of everyone’s favorite characters and funniest cast members Orny Adams, who played Coach, gave us some of my favorite moments from the reunion, one of them being that he said he didn’t even remember working with everyone in the chat.

I forgot how funny this cast is and how great they are together. I genuinely enjoyed this reunion as a huge "Teen Wolf" fan, and I’m glad they could all come together for a good cause. 

Of course, they mentioned the news everyone has been waiting for: the future of the show and season seven. Davis shared that there’s no season seven in the near future as of now, but who knows — 2020 is full of surprises, just like Beacon Hills.

The cast shared where they thought and hoped their characters would be today, and it gave me the closure I needed for now — at least until we get to seem them all again, whether that’s in a season seven or just another reunion like this.

So far, the reunion has raised over $8,000 and is currently up on MTV’s YouTube channel. Go watch the full stream to catch more of the highlights and donate to a good cause.

Click here for a link to the "Teen Wolf" reunion special. 

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