The Cabin

Stars: 5/5

The reality show ‘The Cabin with Bert Kreischer’ on Netflix shows the comedian taking a break from the fast life to reconnect with himself and purify his soul with the help of some close friends.

Friends such as Bobby Lee, Fortune Feimster, Nikki Glaser, Deon Cole and many more all join Kreischer somewhere in the woods in California to take part in fun activities such as shooting bows and arrows, watermelon smashing, coffee enemas, scream therapy, bee-keeping and more thrilling activities.

These endeavors aim to not only bring fun and relaxation to Kreischer's getaway, but to help him and his friends reconnect to themselves.

Now, anyone who has watched Kreischer knows he is beyond funny, if you like vulgar dry humor. Nudity and profanity are two main elements in the show, therefore, if you do not enjoy crude comedy, this show is sadly not for you.

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Kreischer finds a great balance between knowing when to be fun and goofy and when to take the activities more seriously. This ability allowed him to open up to the idea of crystal therapy and sound bathes to fully try to self-improve.

Although serious talks took place in the show, you do not go two minutes without laughing.  I enjoyed the show because I to like to mix humor with serious chats, but like Kreischer I too enjoy getting more in touch with my feelings and emotions.

It's fun to watch the guest stars who are more apprehensive to certain activities end up also reconnecting with themselves and enjoying the cabin life with Kreischer. I personally enjoyed the show very much and would recommend it to anyone needing to laugh. 

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Kreischer executed the show perfectly and I feel like it came out at a perfect time. Between COVID-19 and the election, we all need a show to take our minds off our hectic lives and just laugh. Overall, thats why I gave it five stars. Kreischer's goal was to make us laugh and relate to him (sometimes) and I did. 

‘The Cabin with Bert Kreischer’ is only five short 22-minute episodes that can easily be finished in one sitting. This is also a great show to watch with friends if looking for a good laugh. Would I recommend watching this with your parents? No, no I would not.

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