The Old Guard

Stars: 4/5

“The Old Guard,” produced by Netflix and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood takes a new approach to the classic superhero film but delivers the same classic message.

Andy, played by the amazing Charlize Theron, is the oldest of the group of mercenaries. The centuries-old leader guides her team to complete missions that save humans. In the process, their secret is revealed, and they must fight to keep their freedom and also welcome a new immortal, Nile Freeman (played by Kiki Layne).

The villain of the film is played by Harry Melling. Melling seems to always play the nemesis role, and he is quite good at it. Layne, however, lacked delivery in her acting. I feel she never fully embraced the character, and, as a result, watching her on screen did not feel natural, reminding me that she is acting. Despite that, her action scenes were well acted.

Theron, being the main character, did an amazing job within this film. Theron’s acting is pristine, and she can always deliver her character effortlessly. Without her, I don't think the movie would have been as successful.

Overall, the script was light and not too detail orientated, therefore leaving me with a few questions. I enjoyed that the script was more original than most hero films. This new approach was appreciated; however, you can only switch up the script so much.

The only thing lacking from the storyline was a shocking surprise. I felt that missing element would have given the movie a better rating. I will say at the very end there is a surprise that gives you the idea there will be a second part to this story. 

I enjoyed watching the two hour movie with my family.  Nothing in the movie was inappropriate, and it was entertaining the entire time. Being that the film was made in 2020, it included more Black actors, two female leads, a gay couple and a modern soundtrack.  All of these pros, along with an original storyline, created a well-respected movie.

Would I watch the sequel? Yes; the film did a great job to keep viewers intrigued and wondering what happens next. I would recommend this for a movie night with friends or family. This movie can only be found on Netflix.

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