Trey Songz

Stars: 3/5

Trey Songz’s eighth studio album “Back Home” missed the mark it was undoubtedly attempting to hit. 

Hitting streaming services in early October, the 22-track album holds true to that original Trey Songz sound while presenting several tracks that have one thing on the brain: sex. Par for the course for Songz’s music, this album does not pack the same punch as his prior works of art. 

Historically known to serenade the ladies, the occasional banger and subsequent feature of another heavy hitting artist was always there to be found as well. In regard to “Back Home” there’s no such luck. 

Cataloging singles such as “Circles” and “Two Ways,” the album is receiving mixed reviews between OG fans and publications. 

Having purchased every album that Songz has ever made, I’m personally disappointed by this album. Upon the first listen, I found myself on the phone with my best friend venting about “how he took all this time to come out with this.”

While Songz’s music has always had an overly sexualized connotation to it, the songs were one that people played frequently as well as adding them to their special playlists. Unfortunately, with “Back Home,” the mark was missed. 

While I was looking for Songz to have kept his unique sound with his music, what I was looking for more was growth. In today’s climate, it’s important for artists to not only stay true to who they are, but also implement an aspect of change within their music as well.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, the album also lacks lyrical grounding. Sure, it’s okay to highlight sex and romanticism, but it doesn’t have to be almost every song. If it is every song, giving the audience more of a variety in composition doesn’t make the listener feel as if they’re listening to a bad version of something they’ve already listened to. 

Giving it more of a chance than the first listen, I decided that it wasn’t completely trash after the third go-round with the tracklist. Upon listening more closely, “Two Ways,” “Circles” and “Hit Different” are the three songs that really have stuck with me.

Speaking to the realistic view of the ups and downs within the cycle of a relationship, “Circles” is the most relatable track on the list. Likewise, with “Hit Different” as it reminisces on a particular aspect of intrigue during a night of passion.

As a huge fan of his work, I truly hope that for the next album Songz goes back to the drawing board and finds that thing that made his day-one fans fall in love with him. 

Yes, we love the sensual selections, but we also need that song that we can turn up to with our friends. We need that banger that makes us feel alive at the drop of the beat. Unapologetically, “Back Home” needs to go back home.

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