all mirrors

Stars: 3.5/5

There are times where I feel like there's a big orchestra playing in my head that plays sounds to my emotions. Well, Angel Olsen does that on her new album "All Mirrors."

An album mixed with guitars, violins and synth-pop creates a cinematic world where Olsen is directing her emotions and sound into our ears. Each song feels like a deep inhale and having to deal with ourselves.

"In every way—from the making of it, to the words, to how I feel moving forward, this record is about owning up to your darkest side, finding the capacity for new love, and trusting change even when you feel like a stranger," Olsen said in a Pitchfork interview. 

We journey with Olsen through these songs, and we see that her life is changing in some way and ours will change, too. "Spring" is one of those songs that highlights that. When we're younger, we have these big dreams or beliefs that probably won't happen and change in our adult life.

That's the part of growing up. We never will know what's going to happen to us, and it's better if we just accept these changes in our lives. They'll somehow make sense. 

"Summer" is another one of my favorites. Olsen mentions how she has been going through a tough time, but she eventually was able to make it through it and looking forward to better days. Olsen also mentioned in an interview that we should look back at those tough times and be proud that we survived them. 

"Endgame" has to be the best song on the album with its soothing orchestra and Olsen's soothing voice, making you feel as if you're in a jazz club on a rainy day. It somehow brings a nostalgic feeling to me. It's one of those songs to add to your mental playlist when you want feel like you're in a movie.

Overall, this album discusses heartbreak and sadness, but it's also about overcoming those feelings. When thinking back on the tough times in our lives, we may be surprised about how truly strong we are.

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