el camino

Stars: 4/5

El Camino was a car produced by Chevrolet in 1959, but now, it's a car that was used to continue the series finale of "Breaking Bad."

The series finale ended with the death of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) escaping captivity. This is where the movie begins.

White is featured all over the news with the discovery that he cooked and sold meth in which he created a drug empire. Pinkman is also wanted by the police, desperately trying to escape. We also discover the horrors Pinkman went through when he was held captive.

Pinkman's PTSD is a quick reminder of the monstrosity of White from a cancer patient trying to afford treatment to a murderous man with a drug empire. It's a telling difference between White's descent to evil and the growing morality of Pinkman.

We are following Pinkman and his journey to freedom from not only the police, but from his past. He had to confront his past and go back to those place to finally be free. 

Vince Gilligan made this movie to please "Breaking Bad" fans. This film finally put a close to this series, creating a sense of peace with our minds that Pinkman is going to be okay. 

I liked how this movie wasn't revolved around White. While White does show up, it's not until the end. As said before, White is a villain and doesn't deserve to be the main topic of discussion. This is now Pinkman's journey. 

This is a film geared toward the fans of the show. I really don't see it as a great introduction to new fans. If you've never seen the show before, I highly recommend watching the series and then watching this movie so the story makes sense.

We didn't need an action-packed movie, but it's a last farewell to the character with the best character development. Pinkman was the character I rooted for because his life was full of tragedy once he began working with White. It was a breath of fresh air that he was able to escape and find a new identity. 

Overall, did I think this movie was necessary? I believe so within the context. This wasn't a movie to grab quick bucks because it's continuing a series. I think it was necessary for those who loved the show and understood the character arc of Pinkman.

I enjoyed the movie and the performance of Aaron Paul. It was nice to be transported back to the Wild West of New Mexico and see old characters again. Now, I just want to rewatch the series again.

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