brockhampton ginger

Stars: 4/5

BROCKHAMPTON opens up about their past and hardships with mental health, religion, fame, their childhood and ex-bandmate Ameer Vann. 

This is a raw and honest album with somber, yet robust songs. The group shows that they can be honest and real with their fans, and they did a wonderful job at that.

They discuss their struggles throughout their lives. The biggest one they needed to address was Vann. Vann was accused of sexual misconduct and abuse, and the group decided to let him go. This caused a disruption, and the group is now trying to find their new sound without Vann.

'NO HALO' sets the tone for the album. The members are acknowledging and coming to terms with their mistakes. This goes on for multiple songs, and this is a much needed album for the band. They are able to display their raw emotions and be honest with themselves. 

This message is consistent throughout the album, and the band is also experimenting with different sounds in their songs. The two songs that caught my attention of this are 'HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU' and 'IF YOU PRAY RIGHT.' They do sound different from each other, but the listener can still hear some similarities in these songs.

'BOY BYE' is a great song to get away from the somber mood for a bit with its smooth flow and distinctive beats. It's fun to listen to and a relief from the songs played before. 

The most outstanding performance was Dom McLennon on 'DEARLY DEPARTED'. McLennon expresses that Vann set up his friend to be robbed. The listener can hear the anger and the feeling of betrayal in McLennon's verse. The band wants to show the listeners how Vann’s actions impacted them personally. 

The band comes out from the ashes in the second half of the album. 'GINGER' has a much more hopeful tone that shows the band is ready to move on from their mistakes. 

'VICTOR ROBERTS' was an exceptional way to lyrically conclude the album. Victor Roberts is McLennon's friend who tells his life story, and, at the end, the song ends with the members letting go of their pain and being able to heal.

I did lose interest after 'GINGER', but I am still impressed with how this album turned out. This was a much needed album for the group to be able to find their new sound. 

It is refreshing seeing young artists using music to be honest and to improve themselves. I feel empathetic for this group, and it makes me appreciate this album even more.

BROCKHAMPTON has six albums in their career and consistently improve in their lyrics and sound. 'GINGER' is filled with cathartic emotions and lyrics that lifts off the weight of the past. I'm already excited for the next album and to see the new direction that this group goes to.

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