Stars: 5/5

The fourth studio album by 5 Seconds of Summer is here and fans are anything but ‘CALM.’

The album came out a couple weeks ago, and even with competition like Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” album and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “PARTYMOBILE” album, the band still managed to have their fourth number one album in their home country of Australia. This was also the band's second UK number one album.

There was a lot of drama surrounding the release due to an error that caused copies of the album to be sold a week prior to its release. The album landed the number two spot on the Billboard chart in the US, and fans as well as the artists believe the album would be number one if the copies previously sold were also accounted for.

Still, this album is a huge accomplishment, and fully embodies who they are and how far they’ve come as a band.

I was lucky enough to see them on tour with Lennon Stella and The Chainsmokers at beginning of their new era last year, for the first time in years. They were even better than before, and the performance made me even more of a fan and excited for the new album.

“Who Do You Love,” “Easier” following with the remix with Charlie Puth and “Teeth” were the first glimpses we got of their new era and what was to come on the album. We also got to hear a lot of the album in general before it came out with those songs and “No Shame”, “Old Me” and “Wildflower” being released before the album came out.

Songs like “Red Desert” and “Wildflower” give off a carefree vibe while tracks like “No Shame” and “Old Me” show the bands edgy pop/rock side. The boys did big music videos for “No Shame” and “Old Me,” which were directed by popular female director Hannah Lux Davis.

If there was anyway to describe this album it’s bigger. I think growth was definitely a big theme  and you can hear it in their sound, read it in their lyrics and see it watching the boys themselves.

Many fans have really seen Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael grow up, from opening for One Direction to now selling out arenas and topping the charts all over the world. In each era they’ve evolved so much but have always stayed true to themselves and the heart of the band that fans fell in love with.

I have to admit, I love the “Youngblood” album so much and I didn’t know if anything could top that for me, but “CALM” is the new and improved “Youngblood.” They took the maturity and authenticity of that sound just two years ago and perfected it even more. Songs like “Lonely Heart,” “Teeth,” and “No Shame” really show their growth and establish them as a band that’s here to stay.

It’s clear that this is just the beginning for 5SOS and they only have their “Best Years” ahead of them.

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