how im feeling now

Stars: 3.5/5

Abstract, avant-garde and experimental are all words to describe Charli XCX’s latest project. Released during the peak of lockdowns across the world, "how i’m feeling now" speaks on how most of us felt during that time. She also had the help of fans while she created this album inside of her home. This album was Charli’s most innovative and creative.

This album is not for those who aren’t that familiar with Charli XCX or PC music. "Pink diamond’s" beat will scare some away. The first 10 seconds will scare a casual radio listener. 

Yet the highlights of this album are the frank lyrics such as “I’m so bored/Wake up late, eat some cereal/Try my best to be physical/Lose myself in a TV show” in "anthems." During lockdown, I missed my friends, felt alone and was bored. I wanted to go out and have fun. The production describes one of those moments when you’ve been stuck inside for weeks. 

The best songs on the album include "7 years," "claws," "forever" and "I finally understand" where XCX opens up about her relationship with her boyfriend.

The song name "claws" came from a fan’s suggestion. Though the chorus is pure repetition, the essence of the song is saccharine. "Forever" is similar. Instead of sweetness and repetition, listeners receive a love ballad with futuristic timbres and autotune.  

"I finally understand" brings the romantic theme altogether. The intro beat is infectious. The lyrics shout out Charli XCX’s therapist. This isn’t the most upbeat and wildest on the album, but it holds it weight as one of the best on the LP.  

However, XCX's pop utopia isn’t always on a high. "Enemy" questions how quickly a lover can be  turned into an enemy. They know the most about you which can be so intimate yet so scary if everything falls flat. 

The lows of the album include "detonate," "c2.0." and "party for u." "C2.0" continues "Click" from her 2019 album, "Charli," which featured Kim Petras and Tommy Cash. Without the clique, Charli managed to say clique 96 times in the hook alone. The lyrics on "party 4 u" could have been better for such an awesome beat. "Detonate" did not stand out compared to the rest of the songs.

Finally, we are escorted out of this DIY experiment with a banging, techno, indescribable beat. You want to rave and dance, but ask how is Charli going to end this album? On every album of hers, the outro is out of this world and leaves you stunned. This outro is purely unique. 

"Visions’s" outro reminds me of that episode of SpongeBob where he jammed with jellyfish but instead the beat was sped up, taken up a bunch of notches, added tons of intensity and made to describe perfectly how 2020 feels: 


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