Stars: 5/5 

As you can see from the stars given above, “Cheer” is just as convincing as entertaining. The documentary dives into the lives of cheerleaders and their coaches to unfold the true life of a real cheerleader. As the months turn into just days before their competition, the documentary shares what it is like to be in the life of a Navarro cheerleader.   

The team in the documentary is from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. This small town is known for its fruitcakes and for the community college’s cheer team that has won 14 National Championships since 2000 and has claimed its fifth NCA Grand National Championship since 2012. 

“Cheer” goes through the ins and outs of the rules and expectations of the cheer world. Head Coach Monica Aldama uses her business techniques to figure out what her team needs to be number one. However, Coach Monica does not do it all herself. With two assistant coaches by her side, the work put into the team from the coaches and the cheerleaders themselves is impeccable. 

As the documentary unwinds, you get to know the coaches and most of the team members in a very personal way. Greg Whiteley who directed and produced the show really allows viewers to see the good, the bad and the ugly of cheer. Team members reveal the struggles they obtained from their past and show how it can be used for motivation in their cheer careers.  

The documentary goes through the months leading up to the biggest competition of the year. If you do not understand how cheer works the show does an excellent job of explaining it in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy the show.

People who believe cheer is not a sport will most definitely be blown away at the amount of hard work, body strength and self-discipline is needed to partake in this sport. The amount of injuries the cheerleaders encounter is astonishing.  However, these injuries stopped no one. With a new plan and dedication from the teammates injuries are just challenges the team has to overcome, and they absolutely don’t mind doing that. 

Binge-watching “Cheer” on Netflix is highly recommended. This show is not just for the female audience. Anyone and everyone will enjoy this show and become very attentive to the team and their success. Watching a team work through the ups and downs to accomplish a goal they all hoped for was exhilarating to watch. So next time you or someone else says cheerleading is not a sport, watch this documentary and then get back to me.   

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