Stars: 4.5/5

Blaxploitation films were a big part of black cinema in the '70s. Most of these movies were action-packed but still used racism, drugs and crime as social commentary. Rudy Ray Moore is one out of the many who succeeded in this genre.

Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) was from Arkansas and moved to Los Angeles to start a career in the entertainment industry. He failed as a singer, so he moved on to becoming a comic. 

Moore wasn't successful until he met with a group of homeless men who were spitting out dirty jokes after another. Moore recorded them, smoothed out the jokes and performed them at the comedy club he worked at.

Dolemite was Moore's stage personality, and he became an instant hit. However, a record company did not want Moore's comedy record because it was too dirty. He decided to create his own comedy record and sold it from the back of his car. This success made Moore want to create his own movie. 

This story of Moore's movie is truly inspiring because many people didn't want to fund his film. Instead of backing down, Moore took matters in his own hand and created his own success as a comedian. 

This movie is also funny and filled with dirty jokes that'll make you snicker. The most interesting part about these jokes is that Moore performed some of them at the comedy clubs with a band. It sounded like Moore was rapping, leading to him being credited for being the godfather of rap.

It's a feel-good movie to watch, but the movie had a few different plot points where it seems like it was dragging on. However, I was still entertained and laughed throughout the movie.  

Moore cared about his craft and wanted the people around him to be part of his success. This movie causes you appreciate the hard work that comes with making a low-budget film. There were a lot of obstacles to cross and critics to face, but "Dolemite" was a success within the African American community. 

Murphy's comeback is off to a good start, and his acting is always amazing in comedy films. The choice of cast was also great from Mike Epps to Wesley Snipes. Snoop Dogg is also featured in the movie. 

If it's hard for you to find good movies to watch on Netflix, I highly recommend watching this one. It's original, funny and you'll grow a greater appreciation for those trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

Also if you're interested in watching the original movie "Dolemite," there is a showing at the Manship Theater on Nov. 21.

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