fka twigs magdalene

Stars: 5/5

FKA Twigs isn't like other artists today. Her music sounds like it's from another world that the audience is transported into. We're entering the world of Twigs, and I enjoyed every millisecond of it. 

Twigs is that kind of performer that makes you wonder if she's a part of this world. She shows her passion through her songs and dancing, and it's mesmerizing to watch. 

In 2017, Twigs went through surgery to remove six fibroids in her uterus and this affected her confidence as a woman. She also went through a break-up with Robert Pattinson.

With these events going on in her life, she was able to put her raw emotions in her most beautiful album. A phoenix rising from the ashes is how I would  describe this album. You can say the same for biblical figure Mary Magdalene, which this album is named after.

In a Rolling Stones interview, Twigs sees Magdalene as a healer and doctor and not just the prostitute who was at Jesus' side. She goes on to say that her fame grew because some people saw her as Pattinson's girlfriend and not an artist. Like Magdalene, they saw her male companion and not her. 

This is Twigs way to breakthrough that and establish herself as an artist that I believe people should really listen to. Being open-minded to her alternative style opens an eye on what our idea of music should be. The way she even describes her pain as "a fruit bowl of pain everyday" makes her fans see the type of person she is. 

In this album, the audience hears how she's healing and feels comfortable discovering her emotions of physical and mental pain. 

The album starts off with "Thousand Eyes." Twigs sings about how the public will be looking at her when they find out about her break up. The somberness of the sound shows that the pain of a breakup intensifies when it is on display.

You are quickly transported to a new world, and Twigs' ethereal voice and alien sounds guides the listener through this world. 

"Home With You" is the second song on the album and my favorite. She sings more about heartbreak. She also realizes that she has flaws, but she wants to be known for always being there for her family. This song is to beautiful for me to even comprehend. 

"Mary Magdalene" explores more about Twigs view on the biblical figure. She sees her as woman and not as a former prostitute. Twigs was being overshadowed by her relationship, and she wants people to know that she is an individual. This goes with the theme of her struggling under the spotlight. 

"Fallen Alien" is the most chaotic song in the best way. You can hear her anger and frustration with her relationship. I need to see her live as soon as possible because this song is probably an insane performance that will put anyone in a trance. This song is great as the climax for the album.

"Cellophane" is the last song of the album, and it is my favorite song in the album. The conclusion is so beautiful and perfectly ties the end of the album. She learned how to pole dance for the music video, and it shows her passion for her art and what she feels like she needs to do to perfect it. 

Twigs put her body and soul for this album, and I thank her for that. I started listening to Twigs when I was 14 and loved all of her songs. Now that I'm older and had more experiences, I can appreciate her music even more. She shows us who she is, and she does it in a mind-blowing way. 

It's always nice seeing someone you grew up listening to be able to put themselves out there. It was a long wait, but I am very content with what she has given. 

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