Stars: 3.5/5

Travis Scott showed off his rockstar persona during the "ASTROWORLD" era, and fans are continuing to look forward to what Scott will come out with next. Scott released the compilation album "JACKBOYS," which features rappers such as Young Thug, Quavo, Offset, Don Toliver, Sheck Wes and Chase B. 

The album is good at being a selection of party songs to dance to on a night out. "OUT WEST" and "GATTI" are great examples of this. But other than that, this album kind of falls flat. 

The two songs that I mentioned are the ones I like the most, but that's it. None of the other songs have caught my attention. Now, I do like "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM," but it's just a remix to a song already done by Scott. 

Scott is mainstream artist, and it makes sense that this album is just for sales. The five out of the seven songs just didn't land with me, and I have no desire to want to listen to those songs again. 

It makes even more sense that it's only seven songs because most of the album's sales came from merchandise bundles. This means that if someone purchased a hoodie, they will receive a digital copy of the album. This album was just promotion for merchandise than it was to show off their talents. 

These compilation of artists is a cool idea, but I don't care for it. The songs aren't terrible. They're just songs I will most likely listen to less as the year goes on. But, the album is good enough as only seven songs. If it went on for seven more songs, I don't know if I would pay attention to it. 

The production is decent, but I think more could've been done. I consider this as a sampler than a album. But, Scott definitely has a talent for making party songs that will get you ready for a night out. That's why I can forgive this album for songs like "OUT WEST" and "GATTI."

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