jane the virgin

Stars: 5/5

One hundred chapters later and we’re still crying- happy tears of course. 

Five years ago the very first episode of “Jane the Virgin”, chapter one, hit the CW by storm. Everyone was talking about that show with the girl that got artificially inseminated by accident, not to mention she was also a virgin. 

After five seasons filled with tears, laughter, joy and more tears, it was finally time to say goodbye to Jane Villanueva and everyone we’ve come to know and love. The final episode aired on July 31 and it was a very heartwarming and well thought out ending to a spectacular show. Although the show finished on a high note, fans couldn’t help but cry for the entire fifty minutes. 

It was so hard to let go of such a great show and infact one of the only shows i've ever followed all the way through. “Jane the Virgin” did a superb job at representing Hispanic and Latinx culture in the television world. It was so much more than just a funny show with a great plot. It is a very accurate depiction of Hispanic families in the U.S. that maintain their culture while adapting to a new one. 

Not only did it resonate well with the Spanish speaking audiences but it was also loved and appreciated by many that weren’t from a Hispanic background. Whether you understand some of the cultural references or not, it was inarguably a refreshing new TV series.

The entire season was a roller coaster of emotions from clever humor to heartbreaks to so much love shared between families and friends. It only made sense that the final episode was all of those emotions wrapped into one last goodbye.

The final episode was exactly what “Jane the Virgin” and Team Rafael fans had been waiting for since season one. If only I would’ve known that Jane would end up choosing Rafael it would’ve saved me a whole lot of tears throughout the series. Yes, she got the guy, the wedding was beautiful and everyone in the show got their happy ending. Yet i'm still crying. 

It almost felt like one of those ‘too good to be true’ moments but I know everything ended the way it should’ve. 

Goodbyes are never easy and this one surely was bitter sweet. I’ll end by saying this—If i could go back in time I would rewatch “Jane the Virgin” just to feel everything for the first time all over again.

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