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Katy Perry is a new mom to an album and a baby girl. 

On August 26, the singer gave birth to her baby girl Daisy Dove Bloom. Just two days later, her much anticipated new album “Smile” came out. 

The pop star came out fully swinging with her first single for this new album last year “Never Really Over.” This song is everything a good pop song should be. It’s catchy, tells a story and has great production. It was a great way to start off the album and set the bar high for the rest of the songs. 

“Cry About It Later” is the next song on the album. I was excited to hear this song after discovering it was co-written by one of my favorite songwriters Sasha Sloan. This song gives me the old Katy Perry vibes while still being modern and exciting. I like the message of the song, and it has an interesting sound. 

“Teary Eyes” is a dance song for the sad girls. It’s about getting through the hard times while trying to make the most of the moment. “Daisies” follows being another empowering song about following your dreams no matter how crazy people think you are.

At this point in the album, I already know sound wise that I enjoy this album more than Perry’s last album “Witness.” I didn’t dislike the album as much as some people did. I actually enjoyed it but did agree that it was probably the singer's weakest album. 

This album is more cohesive and blends together so much better. The song lyrics get the message across that she wanted to in “Witness.”

“Resilient” is an inspiring song about perseverance, which Perry has shown since the beginning of her career. 

“Not the End of the World” is an upbeat, encouraging song that continues the theme of her album. The party music continues with one of her latest singles “Smile,” which talks about Perry’s journey to regaining her happiness.

I love the message that this album presents and the growth Katy Perry has shown while making it. She seems so much more confident in herself and happy with where she is in her life, and you can hear it and enjoy it in her music. 

“Champagne Problems” is about being in love and getting through the hard times and finally seeing the light. It’s another fun upbeat song that highlights Perry’s relationship with fiance Orlando Bloom. 

“Tucked” is a song about fantasies in a relationship and is extremely catchy. “Harleys In Hawaii” is a groovy song about going on a vacation, which we can all fantasize about right now.

Perry shares what she’d do with her final hours in “Only Love,” which is even more personal and relevant now with how scary the world is. 

She ends the album with “What Makes A Woman,” a song she wrote before she found out she was pregnant but now carries so much more weight now that she’s a new mom. It’s about all the amazing parts of being a woman and how much we make the world go round. 

I love this album, and it definitely made me smile despite all the chaos 2020 has given us. You’ll like it if you’re a fan of Perry’s, but I think it has something for everyone. 

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