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Stars: 5/5

Lauv has made a new album that’s perfect to listen to in quarantine to get all in your feels.

“~how i’m feeling ~” is over an hour of Lauv’s recent hits and just what we needed right now. Fans got to hear almost half the album by the time it came out, with popular songs like “I’m so tired…” and “fuck, i’m lonely” already being big hits before the album was released.

Along with these songs featuring Anne-Marie and Troye Sivan, the 21-track album has six features with huge artists like Alessia Cara and BTS.

Lauv created six different characters to represent himself for this album, and they all have different colors. Purple is existential Lauv, blue is hopeless romantic Lauv, green is goofy Lauv, yellow is positive Lauv, orange is f*ckboy Lauv and red is spicy Lauv. They are all showcased on the album in some way, and he even gave them their own show, “Lauv: The One Man Boyband,” which is hilarious and a great way to show fans more of the concept. It’s also just quality content and a good watch.

Along with 21 amazing songs are 21 visuals. Yep, there is either a music video or a visual for every single song on the album.

Lauv did such a great job at visually bringing this project to life. Each visual has a least one of the boyband members and you can really see the vibe and story of the songs. His most recent video is for the “Modern Loneliness” acoustic version, with all proceeds of the song going to the nonprofit organization Partners In Health. 

We heard a good bit of the album before it was released, so I had already got the chance to be obsessed with previously released tracks like “Drugs & The Internet” and “Sad Forever.”

I was already a fan of the artist, but I have to admit that when the new songs started coming out, I became more and more of a fan as time went on. This new era has so many good songs and finding songs like “Lonely Eyes” and “Sweatpants” on the album once it came out reconfirmed my love for this album and for Lauv.

I tend to gravitate towards artists who I feel like I can relate to, and Lauv has recently been very open about his mental health and spiritual journey, and you can feel his growth on this album.

Sometimes I’m feeling super existential, and I need to cry to songs like “Tell My Mama,” and sometimes I’m feeling positive and need to have a little dance party to songs like “Tattoos Together.” The great thing about this album is that you can get all of that in one place and experience all the feels.

As someone with a lot of feelings, “~how i’m feeling ~” is actually how I’m feeling. If you know Lauv from his popular song “I Like Me Better” listen to his new album, you’ll love it and you’ll like him better too.

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