hollywoods bleeding posty

Stars: 5/5

Post Malone’s third studio album ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ gives fans more hit music from the artist.

The much-anticipated album dropped Sept. 6, leaving fans buzzing and impressed with Malone’s musicality. Lyrically and rhythmically at his best, fans believe this is Posty’s best work.

Although Malone is considered a rapper, he’s always branched out and experimented with his music. ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ is a mix of multiple genres, showcasing how versatile he really is. Adding these different layers not only highlights Malone’s personality, but allows the emotion and depth of each song to shine.

I had high expectations for this album because I’ve been a fan of Malone since the beginning and absolutely loved his last two albums. The album isn’t exactly what I expected, but in a good way. It showed that Post isn’t just some rapper with a couple good songs, but a unique artist that is here

to stay.

The title track, ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding,’ gives the album a strong opener and creates a story that the listeners can follow along to. Songs like

‘Internet’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be’ follow the theme presented by discussing the struggles of Malone’s growing fame while staying true to himself.

‘Allergic’ is one of my favorite tracks on the album, It offers a different sound than we’re used to but with the same lyrical quality. ‘A Thousand Bad Times’ is another great track with a fun nostalgic vibe you can dance to.

The whole album has an old-school rock vibe, which is fitting for the artist. We got a little bit of a rock vibe from Malone’s previous songs like ‘Broken Whiskey Glass’ and ‘Jonestown (Interlude)’ but he experiments with it more on this album.

‘Take What You Want,’ a huge track on the album featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott, is the best representation of how Malone is able to play with the different genres and create a song that is still unique to him. I never knew how much I needed to hear these three people on a song, but it works, and it

works so well.

DaBaby, Halsey, Future and SZA are just a few more big names featured on the artist’s new album. Malone even gave a shout out to the Jonas Brothers in his song ‘I Know,’ responding to their shout out in their hit song ‘Cool.’ Posty has always been a great collaborator and seems to know how to perfectly select who will fit in each of his songs.

We had already heard ‘Wow.,’ ‘Circles,’ ‘Goodbyes’ and ‘Sunflower’ from the new album with them being previously released. These songs set a high bar for the rest of the album, and I was

not disappointed.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never get tired of listening to new Posty music. His love of music and personality alone is enough, but he continues to grow as an artist and a person. He stays true to himself and makes genuine music that fans can connect with, making him a true icon.

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