Stars: 3.5/5 

The Deep South has been known as a place where racism is alive and poverty haunts its residents. But, it does have its charm with its long history of music and unique scenery. This was the perfect setting for the two outlaws. 

Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) and Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) were on their way home after a date when Slim was pulled over by the police. The situation was calm at first until the officer pulled out his gun on Slim. A shot was fired toward Queen, and, eventually, Slim grabbed the officer's gun and shot him. 

Queen and Slim are now suspects for murder, and dash cam footage that revealed their identities was spread all over the internet. 

Both characters planned to escape the country and go to Cuba. First, they have to travel through the Deep South to be able to escape.

I want to mention the Deep South because the movie does show the charm of the south. From New Orleans to Georgia, the audience will see the beauty of the open road. Audience will also get the vibe of an old Western film about outlaws, but it's now in the South.

We're exposed to music from the south such as "Still Tippin" by Mike Jones, gospel music and a club that plays blues music. Most of these artists are black, and this movie is trying to succeed at showing representation for black people.

The movie does have that southern charm, but the script wasn't that charming. Some of the dialogue felt like I was hearing words that were randomly picked out from online discourse. The movie is supposed to talk about police brutality, but it didn't.

There should've been more mention about how that same police officer killed a man who was walking his son to school. Why wasn't there more discussion about how the officer still kept his job? 

For me, a movie is good if the script is good. The dialogue wasn't that great. The cinematography is beautiful, and the actors are amazing, but it still needed improvement. 

I must admit that it is great seeing more black writers and directors putting their work out there and being able to put it on the big screen. As a movie lover, it's about time to see original movies on the big screen. 

Overall, I thought it was a decent movie. I recommend seeing it because you may or may not agree with what I've said. But, I do encourage critical thinking of films to promote discussion and grow interest in movies.

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