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John Krasinski is doing us all a favor by sharing “Some Good News.”

With the current state of the world and life looking a little grim right now, our favorite paper salesman is doing his part to brighten our cloudy days. Last week Krasinski took to Twitter to ask the world to send him some good news, then soon after he uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing his brand-new show “Some Good News with John Krasinski.”

Ever since, the show has been trending on the internet inspiring and encouraging young and old all over the world.

So, when you’re not watching Krasinski be the best person alive on “The Office,” you get to watch him be the best person alive from his home. How did we get so lucky?

He discusses the nurses and doctors deemed as #healthcareheroes and showed people sharing their appreciation around the world for them, random good deeds people have done in their time of social distancing and how families and couples have shared their love during quarantine.

The show also celebrated the 15-year anniversary of “The Office” with a very special entertainment correspondent, the one and only Steve Carell.  

Krasinski shared how he was a 23-year-old waiter when he got the role of Jim Halpert and how it changed his live forever. He shared that no one expected the show to get as big as it did in the beginning, but I think it’s safe to say that “The Office” has become one of the biggest shows in the world.

“It’s such a happy surprise that after all these years people are still tuning in and finding it even today. It’s pretty cool,” Carell said.

What was even better and made my soul happy was Carell said one of his fondest memories was from one of my all-time favorite episodes of the show, “Dinner Party” from Season 4. The plasma TV scene has always been one of my top “The Office” memories, so it was cool to hear them talk about how much they love it too. They even shared the behind the scenes clip of them breaking character, which makes it that much funnier.

They also shared other great memories like the emotional episode where Carell leaves the office. We also learned that a possible “The Office” reunion isn’t off the table, which is possibly the best good news I’ve heard all day.

15-year-old cancer survivor Coco was also the star of the first episode of SGN after a video went viral of all of her loved ones celebrating her return home after her last day of chemo.

Coco came to chat and shared her amazement of everyone staying home to protect people who are more susceptible to getting the virus. So, stay home for Coco and all the nurses and doctors’ out there working hard people.

At the beginning of the show Krasinski asked “Why not us, why not now?”

Now more than ever is the time to appreciate the family and friends we have, celebrate the little victories of the day, and yes, hear some good news.

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