the a list

Stars: 2/5

Netflix has recently added BBC’s "The A List" to their TV-show collection, and if you’re looking for a quick binge that will leave you confused and questioning how you’re spending your time, then you’re in luck.

What starts as a cliche teen drama quickly turns into a sci-fi murder mystery. With so many twists and turns, the show leaves you guessing to the very end, if you decide to stay that long.

The BBC show follows a group of teenagers vacationing on a summer camp called Peregrine Island. The group consists of typical teen-drama personalities: the mean girl, nerd, outcast, jock, the cute, mysterious boy and the excited camp counselors. After it seems like everyone arrives, another girl appears on the island, and everything changes.

The other girl is Amber (Ellie Duckles), a girl who seems to already hate Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar), the main mean girl on the island. Both of the girls try to become "Queen Bee" and to get Dev, the cute, mysterious boy (Jacob Dudman). 

Mia quickly learns that Amber isn’t a typical teenager — she has the ability to control people’s minds and easily manipulate them into doing things they would never do. Of course, with everyone under Amber’s spell, no one believes Mia, and she quickly becomes the enemy on the island.

For a very long time the audience has no idea what is up with Amber other than that she hates Mia for no apparent reason. It’s hard to stay truly invested in the story because you’re unaware of what exactly made her angry. Without any background information, you have no idea where the story is going.

After learning Amber has a deeper connection to the island and could actually be dangerous, Mia becomes unlikely friends with the nerd, Harry (Benjamin Nugent), and the outcast, Alex (Rosie Dwyer). These are the only people who believe Amber is evil and will help Mia try to take her down.

After what they think is a ghost tries to warn them about Amber, Mia and her new friends finally begin to unravel Amber's true identity.

At this point, I’m only sticking around to figure this whole thing out. The show is such an odd mix of sci-fi and drama that, really, anything could happen. Shows like this often seem to use this as an excuse so that they can make anything happen, even if it’s totally crazy.

It’s not that I’m not on-board for crazy, but, as the drama builds up in the show, you're often left with basic questions that you can’t overlook. The relationships on the show are probably the best thing about it, with the audience actually getting to root for something and feel like it had a purpose.

The central focus of the show seems to explore how you treat people when you meet them and how it would be if people treated you the same way. Being the mean girl can come at a cost and come back to haunt you.

The show is left on a cliffhanger and will most likely have a second season. If you like cheesy shows that keep you guessing up to the very end, then this might be for you. You should definitely expect the unexpected.

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