the chef show

Stars: 4/5

The Netflix original “The Chef Show” takes watchers on a tour with Jon Favreau as he visits restaurants around the world and cooks with well-known chefs. Favreau, after staring in his self-directed film “Chef,” decided he wanted to truly learn how to cook and understand what goes on in the kitchen. 

When producing the film “Chef,” Chef Roy Choi assisted in the cooking scenes and inspired Favreau's desire to cook. Together these two travel to restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck. The duo was able to cook alongside the Austrian-American chef Wolfgang Johannes Puck and learn his ways in the kitchen.

Favreau cooked a simple omelet for Chef Wolfgang, and even I could feel the pressure. Cooking for a world-famous chef, even if it is just an omelet would have me shaking. Luckily, the task was done exceptionally well, and the episode continued with learning lessons of  Wolfgang’s kitchen. A little spoiler: apparently Americans like their eggs cooked too well for Chef Wolfgang’s liking. 

The show is very engaging and funny. Favreau is a character who keeps the kitchen atmosphere light and fun. It is fun to watch how all the chefs are different but share their love of food. Each chef aspires to present dishes that capture their love for food by representing their own or other cultures. 

The show is great at breaking down what goes into each dish and giving helpful advice for anyone who likes to cook. The only negative thing I would say is that the show can get a little boring at times. The series is definitely for food lovers who enjoy watching dishes being prepared with details and elongated steps. With that, each episode takes you through step-by-step to create elaborate dishes. 

“The Chef Show” on Netflix is an entertaining show for foodies and cooking lovers. You get a chance to watch behind the scenes of famous restaurants with Jon Favreau and Chef Roy Choi. Although cooking is not always the most exciting task to watch, one can learn a lot and find a better appreciation for the food you eat.

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