the circle

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Have you ever wondered what a mashup of “Big Brother” and Tinder would be like? Well, “The Circle” might just be the perfect show for that.

“The Circle” is a reality game show exclusive to Netflix. Being one of the first shows to incorporate social media into its core, “The Circle” gives players a chance to win $100,000. The catch, is the players aren’t allowed to have contact with the outside world or the other players.

The only way the players can communicate with each other is through a Tinder and Instagram like mashup called Circle. The show even ensure that only one player can be outside on the rooftop at a time.

The show introduces eight players via social media and gives them the option to play as themselves or as a catfish. Each round of competition has the players ranked, making the top two “influencers.” Influencers “block” players from the group chat, therefore eliminating them from the game show completely. As the show goes on, more players continue to enter the apartments.

None of this tops the best part of the show: the confrontation walk. Once players are “blocked” they have the option to go visit one player face to face. Some players visited their enemies, some visited their love interests and others visited their newfound friends. The walk shows the players heading slowly and dramatically down a hallway in various angles until they reach the room of the chosen player.

Like many reality game shows, there is always a surprise. Every episode, players are required to play games like “Ask Me Anything” or “Cat and Mouse,” which all have rewards, like getting to go on dates.

The host, Michelle Buteau, gives an array of witty comments, making the show funnier than it already was. With so many different personalities competing for one grand prize, there is never a dull moment in “The Circle.”

“The Circle” is the new face of reality television creating some of the funniest and craziest online scenarios. Give this show a watch and one day you might want to try catfishing for $100,000.

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