the final table

Stars: 5/5

The Netflix original “The Final Table” gives cooking shows a new meaning. The competition is intensified with not only having well-known food critics and chefs judging the dishes but with the contestants themselves being world-famous chefs. Enhancing the skills of the competitors brings more creativity displayed in the dishes, thus making the elimination round more challenging.

Another factor that differentiates this cooking competition from the rest is the ethnicity of all the chefs. Each chef has different backgrounds whether that be nationality or culinary, which brings multiple different ideas to the table. 

As the show progresses you figure out who your favorite chefs are. I got very attached to some and rooted for them as the competition continued. Not only do you enjoy the intense competition of the dishes, but the show also takes you through a culinary adventure. Each round of the show focuses on a particular nation such as Mexico, Spain, England, Japan, India and the U.S. 

Along with watching chefs push the limits of their culinary skills, you learn about the nations and their cultures. Since the chefs all have different backgrounds, each chef puts a spin on the traditional dishes and give it a pinch of their own roots and a dash of new incorporations.

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Now you are probably wondering what the final table actually is. The final table is where the winner of the competition will reside. At this table are prestigious chefs from different nations who inspire and lead culinary ideas and inventions in their nation. Sitting alongside world-renowned chefs seems to have as much satisfaction as millions of dollars to these chefs competing. 

The worth ethic and creativity are awe-inspiring and capture the viewer’s attention in all the right ways. Using a creative plot along with professional chefs makes this the perfect cooking show that quiches your competitiveness while educating you on cultures around the world. “The Final Table” is perfect for foodies who love to learn and cook and is also just as entertaining for someone who is just looking for a new show to watch on Netflix. 

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