umbrella academy 2

Stars: 5/5

“The Umbrella Academy” season 2 has all the action, humor and interesting song selections fans could hope for.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I was way behind on jumping on “The Umbrella Academy” bandwagon. I’m not one to watch every Netflix show that gets super popular because I’ve been let down one too many times. So, when the first season of the show came out I regretfully dismissed it. 

It wasn’t until about 6 months into quarantine when I was desperately looking for another new show to binge that I decided to start the show a little after the second season came out. 

Now this was a good decision. I instantly fell in love with this show and was in desperate need of the good binge. So, after watching season one very quickly I got to jump straight into season two.

At this point, I’m on a binge-high if you will, from quickly falling in love with the first season and expect a lot from the second season. Although, after watching the first episode I wasn’t sure if I’d like the second season as much as the first.

In the first episode of season 2 we learn that the world is going to end...again, but this time it’s a nuclear war that kills all mankind. We also learn that each family member has been dropped into the ‘60s in the same place but at different times. So, thinking they're all alone in a new place and in a different time, they all make new lives for themselves. 

Eventually, the endangered world gets small again, and they end up finding each other, with the help of Number Five, played by Aidan Gallagher, who I will say continues to absolutely nail his character. When they slowly come back together they are hesitant to try to save the world...again.

So, the world is ending, the family who is separated has to try to come together to stop it in a limited time frame. Sounds familiar, because if you watched season one, especially if you watched it hours before like I did, it sounds like the exact same storyline, because it sort of is.

I initially thought that the storyline was going to be too repetitive and I questioned how they we’re going to make this season different and as entertaining as the first one. Not only did they make season 2 entertaining, they might have made it better than the first season. 

The new characters were great additions, there were some twists I wasn’t actually expecting and some much needed character growth. The show also kept was good, like the crazy but cool soundtrack and fun dance sequences. 

There’s something unique about the essence the show carries and the performance by the cast, like newcomer Rita Arya, who plays the ultimate wildcard Lila, and of course the staple cast members like Robert Sheehan who makes us all fall in love with Klaus and himself more with every scene he’s in. 

If you’re debating on watching the series or starting season 2 I say just go for it, it’s a fun ride. There’s romance, family drama, social injustice commentary and talking animals. Plus they all really like umbrellas. 

Happy binging and welcome back tigers, I’ll be watching and dancing with myself in my apartment, I hope you all are doing the same. 

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