tiger king

Stars: 5/5 

Lawsuits, tiger breeding, arson, politics, polygamy, assassination and a tiger cult are just some of the few topics that are covered in the new Netflix documentary, "Tiger King." We follow Joe Exotic through his rise and downfall in the tiger business. 

The story begins with Exotic in prison and the events following up to that moment is discussed throughout the series. The documentary isn't the same in each episode. There's always something new, and it makes you want to watch more to see what other strange adventure that we will go on.

Exotic owns a zoo of exotic animals. What makes him controversial is not just his lifestyle, but he also breeds tigers and exploits cubs. It's a money-making business, but it's morally wrong. A fact that will stick with you throughout the series is that there are more tigers in America than in the wild, all due to people like Exotic.

Exotic isn't the only person in America who breeds and sells tigers. Doc Antle is another exotic owner with questionable actions. And, we learn about Exotic's life-long enemy, Carole Baskin.

In this documentary, audiences quickly learn that there are no good guys in this story. It's a constant battle. This battle doesn't include the well-being of tigers. It's a nasty, personal battle between people who care more about their own self-interest. 

Audiences will meet more characters who have questionable morals and do questionable actions. Audiences will also meet good people who were just dragged into the mess. It seems like a never-ending fight, but the tigers in general are just collateral damage. 

Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode, the directors for this documentary, did a great job putting this story together. It felt like nothing dragged on, and there were constant twists and turns that I couldn't even keep track of. Laws were broken and lives were ruined. It's a story that we will remember for a lifetime 

But, this documentary also brings awareness to tiger breeding. It's absurd how there are more tigers in America than in their natural habitat. It's something that doesn't sit well with me. And, Chaiklin and Goode made a superb documentary to bring that fact into our heads. It's supposed to outrage us. 

Overall, it was sure a wild ride, and I highly recommend to watch it during these trying times. It's a great distraction and binge-worthy documentary. 

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