two sentence horror

Stars: 2/5

One of Netflix’s newest additions, “Two Sentence Horror Stories” is supposed to be a fictional, spine-chilling series that brings your worst nightmares alive based on two sentences. On paper it sounds great and the trailer might make it look even better, however, this series fell short of anything remotely entertaining. 

It’s hard to make a splash in the film industry when you’re going up against recent competitors such as “Black Mirror” or “Bandersnatch,” which was what this series seemed to be aiming for.

The story lines felt incomplete or rushed, the acting was dollar store quality, and it wasn’t even “terrifying.” It was like taking “Black Mirror,” watering it down a couple times then wringing it out and using what scraps were left to piece together a new series. Although “Two Sentence Horror Stories” may have failed many basic principles, it did succeed in originality. 

“Two Sentence Horror Stories” plays on people’s biggest fears or craziest situations and makes them come alive. It’s almost like elongated scary stories you might tell around a campfire. There are no chronological order to each episode so you can watch them in any sequence.

Each episode will give you the first sentence to elude you to think of multiple ways the plot could go. Then at the end it will reveal the final sentence so that you can read the horror story in two sentences. 

Although they were meant to be short stories condensed into thirty minute episodes, the time frame left too much space for holes and confusion.

Perhaps by extending the series into hour long episodes it would have given each plot more room to breathe and less margin for error. Some episodes had potential and I was able to stomach for the full thirty minutes, while others failed to grab your attention, losing you in the plot. 

I was disappointed with how predictable and underplayed the storylines were. This series failed to meet its expectations and high standards set by previous precedents. Luckily, if you are still overtaken with curiosity, the worst thing you have to lose is thirty minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Spoiler alert—if you think maybe it will get better after the first episode, it won't. “Two Sentence Horror Stories” tried to fit too many elements into small time slots which ultimately backfired. If you do decide to watch it for yourself, just make sure you set no expectations or high hopes, then you might be able to enjoy this diluted series.

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