Stars: 4/5

When I think of metal rap, I think of $uicideboy$. The New Orleans duo released a new mixtape that shows off their unique sound. Scrim and Ruby da Cherry work so well with each other, and listeners can hear it song after song.

This new mixtape sticks with their brand and highlights what they're good at: being different. The mixtape is going toward a more trap sound, but listeners will still hear that $uicideboy$ sound that fans love. 

Their sound and lyrics still stick with the same themes of depression, drug addiction, New Orleans and fame. In this mixtape and others, the $uicideboy$ rap about these topics with such raw passion. Lyrics like this are prevalent on the new mixtape, and it is still fantastic and fresh. 

Listeners can hear how the duo recognized how much fame change their lives, but they are still facing some struggles. It's a testament of using art as a way to express yourself, and they do it well. 

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Their sound in this mixtape is still similar to past projects, but it is still different from anyone else in the rap industry. But, "F*ck Your Culture," "I Wanna Be Romanticized" and "Putrid Pride" stand out to me. It's only an 11 song mixtape, but I think they did their job well in only 24 minutes. 

It's a short listen, but it can be a first introduction for new listeners who want to continue to listen to the duo. The mixtape gives the listener the gist of who they are, but it didn't really hit on all of their strong suits. 

Overall, this was a well put together mixtape that expresses the $uicideboy$'s struggles with addiction and depression that some can relate to. They still have that unique sound that differentiates them from everyone else. I can't wait to hear what's next. 

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