Stars: 4/5 

Netflix's new original series "Unbelievable" shows the victims and detectives of a true story on the rapes of four women, including Marie (Kaitlyn Dever). 

This show is based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning article about this case. Marie was 18 years old when a masked man broke into her home and raped her. Marie told the two male detectives of what happened, and the investigation goes on.

Marie's foster mom Judith (Elizabeth Marvel) informed Detective Robert (Eric Lange) that Marie had a troubled childhood, and she was sent from foster home to the next. This causes Detective Robert to doubt Marie's story and pressure her to say that she wasn't raped. 

This represents the notion that rape victims are sometimes not believed by members of the police force. The show does represent how showing compassion and being passionate for justice can eventually solve a heinous crime. 

Detective Grace (Toni Collette) and Detective Karen (Merrit Wever) are the prime examples of detectives helping victims and trying to get them justice. They talk to the victims with kindness and sensitivity. They also spend day and night trying to find out who is the man responsible for these crimes. 

Marie also goes through tribulations when she was pressured into saying that the assault didn't happen. She received backlash from her friends and strangers. Her name was leaked to the press, and people were calling and sending her hateful messages.

I love the representation of this show because the detectives treated the women so well. They never doubted them or made them relive the horror they went through. They were determined to find truth and justice.

This show isn't like other crime shows because we also see the victim's side, and it's a more accurate depiction of how cases are solved. I really do love and worship "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," but I know majority of crimes aren't solved within a week, especially rape crimes where the assaulter leaves little evidence. 

Overall, it's quick and easy to watch. The show isn't hard to follow through, and it keeps you wondering as to who the assaulter might be. You also appreciate the work that Detective Grace and Karen did for the victims and understand more about the process. 

The women in this show are not just victims but also people who have faced a traumatic experience and want to get through life. They did receive the justice they deserved, and I hope anyone who faced this type of crime get justice and encounter people who will support them.

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