1000 gecs

Stars: 4.5/5

Dylan Brady and Laura Les are a fantastic force in music. I found out about 100 gecs about a few months ago on Twitter. I think this is the most appropriate way to discover 100 gecs. Audiences will quickly realize that 100 gecs is completely different from what they usually listen to. 

100 gecs' remix album "1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues" brings out their potential and influences. 

100 gecs has their own sound, but their music influences in this album do not go unnoticed. Nightcore, pop punk, EDM, PC music, experimental pop and rap are the noticeable influences, and 100 gecs does a great job with putting them together and adding their twist to it. Their collaborations also represent their influences.

The remix album features Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, A.G. Cook, Kero Kero Bonito, Fall Out Boy, Dorian Electra and more. All of these artists have different sounds from each other, but their differences is what makes these collaborations special. Every individual is working as a community on this album. 

This is what makes this album different from others. Robust personalities are expressing themselves, and their counterparts are working with them. This community builds a musical world together. If you want to feel like a fairy or a wizard in a Shrek universe, this will be the perfect album for you.

I enjoyed the album. It was fun and a chaotic. I listened to their debut album "1000 gecs" multiple times, and it was cool to hear completely different sounds to the songs that I was familiar with in their last album.

"money machine" on their debut album was loud and harsh but in a good way. On the remix album, it's still loud but whimsical. "gecgecgec" was completely transformed on the remix album with Lil West and Tony Velour. I think this is a great album to showcase 100 gecs' creativity and breaking music barriers. 

"gec 2 U" and "hand crushed by a mallet" are my favorite songs on the album. The most surprising aspect of this album was the Fall Out Boy feature. "hand crushed by a mallet" is a pop punk fever dream, and I love everything about that song. 

"gec 2 U" showcases their nightcore influence. I never heard of this genre before I listened to 100 gecs. But, "gec 2 U" exceeded my expectations, and I love how it is completely different from the original. 

100 gecs has to be my favorite duo of all time. I'll even compare them to Paul McCartney and John Lennon because they're innovative and experimental. Their music basically taught me just to express my true self and embrace how weird the world is. 100 gecs makes life fun and interesting. 

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