Fashion trends are always changing, and, as the fashion industry grows, it’s hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out. Shoes have always taken center stage in schools, branding and social statements. With Savvy&Co you can turn any old pair of shoes into a customized piece of art.

Savvy&Co is a Baton Rouge shoe designer that can make your wildest ideas or favorite characters come to life on any pair of shoes. You can customize and personalize your kicks for a look that can’t be found in stores.

Sakinah Abdul-Aziz is the owner and artist of Savvy&Co custom shoe designs. When she’s not painting shoes, Abdul-Aziz is coaching at her kickboxing gym or studying for her personal trainer certification. The real magic happens behind the scenes when she is home using her creative freedom to give new life and meaning to shoes.

Abdul-Aziz has always had a passion for shoes, but it wasn’t until 2017 she decided to merge her artistic abilities with her love for shoes. Abdul-Aziz’s artistic experience went as far as high school art classes but was something she never thought about pursuing.

However, after she found herself with a pair of shoes that didn’t come in the design she wanted, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She watched multiple tutorials and Youtube videos from professional shoe designers to learn the basics in preparation and painting.

“I realized people could make a shoe look completely different from the way they were purchased,” Abdul-Aziz said. “If I want a shoe to look a particular way, and it wasn’t sold that way, then I was going to make it look that way.”

As Abdul-Aziz’s shoe designs picked up, she remained focused on bringing originality to sneakers rather than making a profit. She knows how competitive the shoe industry can be, and nothing makes you stand out like a rare pair of hand-designed shoes. Each shoe that Abdul-Aziz creates is unique in design and is never replicated.

“I just really love and appreciate shoes and the sneaker culture,” Abdul-Aziz said. Savvy&Co can design any pair of sneakers, Vans or heels.

Custom shoe designs start at a base price of $100 per pair. Prices vary depending on shoe size, design and colors. Savvy&Co can create almost any design request or color scheme.

Abdul-Aziz can also freestyle a custom design according to your color choices or patterns. You can choose symbols, characters or themes and make them come to life on any pair of shoes.

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