soji tiki party

Only two weeks ago, the world was full of freedom. Life was easy— wake up at noon, visit some friends, maybe even take a family vacation or two. Even in the still-blistering heat, the strict regimen of academia couldn’t feel further from the three month break.

Why not hold on to that feeling a little longer?

On Friday, Sept. 6, Soji: Modern Asian will be hosting a back to school tiki party, complete with Polynesian decor, tropical drinks and most importantly, a limbo competition.

Every piece of the event was planned to showcase Soji’s Asian fusion cuisine as well as provide students a brief reprieve from the stress of the new school year.

Soji is all about incorporating traditional dishes and methods of preparation with modern aesthetics, blending meals from all around Asia in an environment that allows the customers to let loose and have fun. This party is a perfect example of that— a showcase of classic Polynesian meals in a fun, lighthearted setting.

The 21+ party will kick off at 9 p.m. and feature free Polynesian food and happy hour drink specials all night long, as well as half off your first cocktail if you bring a tiki mug from home.

While the deals are great, the real winner is the theme. Guests are encouraged to pull out that old floral shirt from the backs of their closets and feel the island vibes. Soji will even be giving out leis to complete the look.

Even with the decor and drinks, no tiki party is truly tropical without an island themed soundtrack.

”We have a great in-house DJ,” said Chase Lyons, owner and founder of Soji. “DJ Michael Moss is going to be laying down some great Hawaiian vibes.”

Finally, this event will feature the most important part of any successful party: a limbo contest. The owner will take home a $25 Soji gift card, but if you aren’t so flexible, other gifts like Scantrons, notebooks and other school supplies; miscellaneous giveaways will be available throughout the night as well.

Summer may be officially over, but why not celebrate what is left with a night of fun and friends? Who knows, you might even walk away with some gift cards too. All these deals will be accessible cover free. No tickets are needed, just show up and have a good time.

“It‘s a fun place to be,“ Lyons said. “Come kick off the weekend Polynesian style before the Tigers beat UT!”

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