For many, social media is a place to post pictures and to keep up with friends. However Jordyn Powers uses Instagram to promote a brand that has turned her account into a blooming business.

Power was hesitant to accept the deal at first, but, in the year and a half since, she hasn’t looked back. 

Now, she promotes 18 brands ranging from teeth whitening, local apartments and active wear. With the list of brands growing, Power decided it was time to turn her fun side hustle into a real business. 

“I kept getting offers to promote brands on Instagram by posting ads and the end goal of all this is to promote brands full time,” Power said. 

@Jordyn_Power via Instagram

As Power's brand representation has grown, she established J. Power Marketing, LLC. With a legitimate business now in place, her plan is to grow into a staffed, six-figure enterprise by the time she graduates.

While she admits building a successful business is a slow process, she is confident that with her work ethic and flexibility of being her own boss that she will succeed.

Power experiences her fair share of haters. She manages to rise above the crude comments and rude messages through her strong belief of choosing joy.

Power uses her platform for more than making money. Hosting weekly question-and-answer sessions, her 6,056 followers fill her direct messages. Whether they are seeking advice on places to eat or how to handle stressful situations, she is always willing to give them advice and encouragement. 

@Jordyn_Power via Instagram

Social media wasn't Power’s original plan. Until a year ago her goal was to become a doctor; however, after a lot of consideration she felt her calling was to become an influencer. 

“I didn’t actually ever pursue being an influencer, it pursued me,” Power said. “I have finally let go of every fear I had and gone all in with it.” 

 Power is eager for her degree in marketing and business to help grow her influence. She credits the many networking opportunities the University offers from making connections to collaborating with other budding entrepreneurs. 

Power seamlessly manages the schedules of a student and a business woman.  Both challenge her with deadlines and responsibilities, and she has learned staying ahead of deadlines keeps her lifestyle balanced.

Power is excited to have the opportunity of developing an authentic marketing resource that will lead both new and established brands to greater financial success. 

To check out Power’s Instagram, go to @Jordyn_Power.

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