Digital advertising junior Grace Owen has always been intrigued by creating art. As a child, she would take several art classes outside of school. As a freshman, her ambitions were high. She dove into her digital advertising major and minor of visual communications.

With her major and minor, Owen is confident the University can grow her techniques as an artist and assist the business side of branding along with how to run advertising agencies.

Owen’s is a deep believer that her art should speak to people through the expressions in her art.

“I want people to be able to look at my art, and then look at the world differently after [seeing my art], and be able to see the beauty in other things,” Owen said.

The passion that keeps her going is the ability to change perspectives. Her abstract art have different perspectives depending on the way you look at it. This is Owen’s attempt to reflect life and all the different views it encounters.

“If you turn the poster you can see it a different way, and I think this is a way to teach a lesson that if you change your perspective or shift how you are looking at something it can really change the whole picture,” Owen said.

Owen’s favorite projects right now are posters she can design and draw on her iPad. To get her name and work publicized, Owen is hosting pop-up shops at sorority events, art galleries, White Light Night to feature her work.

With other connections, she took part in an art collective called “Pink Door Collective.” This organization has helped her manage her brand, sales and gallery appearance.

The Lake Charles native knew that her hometown needs more art scenes, so she took her art back home and had a huge showcase. Since then, Owen’s art career has blossomed and many opportunities have appeared.

Her goals are still great after college, and she hopes to still be able to do freelance art alongside a job that allows her to still do graphic design. Her approach to her career has already started by helping companies design logos and other important branding needs.

Grace Owen is beyond grateful for the possibilities that have been opened up for her but is also thankful for the simple fact that her art is loved.

To see her art in person, her next popup will be at Delta Delta Delta sorority event, “Sincerely yours” on February 19th. Her art will include stickers, t-shirts and other creative content.

To see her work check out Grace Owen’s art Instagram page @stuffgracemade.

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