Courtesy of Aline Moreaux

From pelicans and alligators to LSU football and Raising Cane’s, Aline Print + Designs has art prints and stickers to cover any and all aspects of Louisiana culture.

Aline Moreaux is a senior at the University majoring in graphic design and minoring in Spanish and art history. Her love for art and design inspired not only her studies but also her business ventures.

Moreaux’s business, Aline Prints + Design, is her avenue for selling her stickers, greeting cards and art prints to the public.

However, Moreaux originally came to LSU to pursue a different passion of hers—animals.

Moreaux began her LSU career as a student of the vet school. She had always had a passion for animals, especially horses. She enjoyed her time in the vet school but realized that she wanted to pursue her artistic side. She saw a lot of opportunity in an artistic field that resided outside of fine art, especially as a branding and marketing tool.

Courtesy of Aline Moreaux

After switching to graphic design, Moreaux backed up her creative inclinations with foundational tools.

“The more my classes had me use those [foundational] programs, the more I could see how my personal artwork that I would do in watercolor or in pencil and paper could translate into my graphic design practice,” Moreaux said.

Moreaux began selling her designs in the summer of 2018 at the Mid-City Maker’s Market. She only had a few pieces to sell, but through the advice and experience she gained at the Market, she was able to continue to grow her business.

Courtesy of Aline Moreaux

Moreaux’s business now sells prints, stickers and greeting cards that feature prominent Louisiana symbols such as the Capitol, alligators, Raising Cane’s and even nutrias.

“That’s kind of where I am with my personal art,” Moreaux said. “Taking subject matter and things that I have always been interested in in my personal life and combining them with my graphic design skills that I have learned in school to make more digital art.” 

Moreaux says that she’s glad she ended up at LSU for graphic design because of the connections she has made in the Baton Rouge community. From internships to meeting other local makers, Moreaux is grateful that she has been able to become so well connected in a community.

Aside from her business, Moreaux did graphic design work for the UREC, as well as an internship at Elbow Room, a graphic design creative studio in Baton Rouge.

Courtesy of Aline Moreaux

Moreaux’s advice for other up and coming artistic entrepreneurs:

“Reach out to Mid-City Makers Market, because that has definitely been my jumping off point,” Moreaux said. “Also, keep your social media and your website up to date and invest time in making that look good and making that a way for people to contact you.”

Check out more of Moreaux’s work on her Instagram @alineprintsanddesign and on her website

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