Graphic design sophomore Anna Kate Anderson is tapping into the newest fad of owning and decorating personal spaces with indoor plants, putting her own spin on her business.

Using her creative skills, Anderson creates decorative potted plants by Mod Podging the fun designs on pots to sell. By creating patterns in her graphic design classes, she is able to design a wide variety of different designs for the pots. Anderson’s love for plants combined with a passion for graphic design, allows her to express her work for others to enjoy.

@sillsisters via Instagram

“I want to reach out and make something that makes others happy or have others also connect to it [the artwork],” Anderson said. “Since plants and art makes me happy I want it to make someone else happy too.”

Anderson has always had a passion for art and with a supportive family from Zachary, she pursued a career that expresses her creativity. Anderson’s goal is to open her own graphic design firm and the University is helping her reach that dream.

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Support from faculty has helped Anderson reach her full potential with each assignment and she is beyond grateful for the graphic design community she is surrounded with.

Anderson’s family and friends inspire her to keep creating work and to continue seeking her dream of making others happy with her work.

“Once I came to LSU and began graphic design I knew this is what I need to do,” Anderson said.

@sillsisters via Instagram

Anderson’s hopes are to sell her decorative potted plants at local coffee shops and pop-up shops as well. Using the “plant babies” that sprout from her own plants, she is able to spread the joy of growing plants and graphic designing.

Anderson is using her creativity and innovativeness to display her passion for art through her love for plants. Her plants and or pots are being sold at low affordable prices ranging from three to eight dollars. To see her work check out her Instagram @sillsisters.

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