LSU vs NSU, Walk Down Victory Hill

Drum Major leads the band down Victory Hill on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019.

“As soon as the time went down and the confetti shot off it was like literally living a dream.”

Junior Taylor Brownfield has dreamed of being the drum major for The Golden Band from Tigerland since he was four years old. Not only is he now living out his dream, but he can say he played at this year’s biggest college football game.

Brownfield is a music performance major with a focus in percussion. He became drum major after playing cymbals his first two years with the band. He grew up with parents who are fans of LSU, who introduced him to the band’s music at a young age.

Brownfield recalls the first time he saw the band in person, coming down the hill and how he instantly knew he wanted to become a member.

“I was right next to the barricade, small four-year-old Taylor, and I saw the band come down in their uniforms, and it was just very eye catching,” Brownfield said. “I thought, wow, that would be so cool to be that person.”

Now he is that person.

Brownfield was well prepared, too. He was in band from sixth grade to high school, where he was drum major for two years. He also participated in Drum Corps International for two years before attending the University.

Being in the band was his dream, and the University, itself, also lived up to drum major’s expectations. Getting to attend a prestigious music school and meet people from LSU’s diverse student body has also been a highlight for Brownfield.

Brownfield loves marching down Victory Hill and playing pre-game for thousands of Tiger fans, where he first fell in love with his current position and the Tiger Band.

“Getting to create such a high energy atmosphere for all the fans right off the bat before the football team comes out is just an experience that can’t be described in words,” Brownfield said.

Brownfield expressed the gratitude he and his bandmates have for the experiences they have and continue to make.

The national championship game was indescribable for the musician. Even though there can be pressure being in one of the best bands in the country, Brownfield is trying to enjoy the ride and have fun representing the University.

“Not everyone gets this chance, and it’s been eight years since LSU has been to a national championship, so that’s been eight years of Tiger Band members who haven’t gotten to experience what we just experienced, and even to win on top of that,” Brownfield said.

Brownfield has one more year to continue to live out his childhood dream while working toward his future. He wishes to continue the great legacy of the band while focusing on building connections.

“I think the biggest thing in the band is just the relationships you make with the people around you, and that’s what’s going to last longer than being in the uniform and playing those famous four notes,” Brownfield said.

“So, really just being able to have a friendly environment and then create a culture of friendship that band members can be a part of, I would say that’s probably the biggest thing next year along with the great shows and the great atmosphere of being in Tiger Stadium.”

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