The Chainsmokers brought their World War Joy tour to New Orleans, and the show was the party of the year.

The night started with the amazing Lennon Stella performing hits like "Bad" and "La Di Da." The artist also performed her new song coming out this Friday called "Kissing Other People," which the crowd loved.

Stella was truly mesmerizing and super engaging. She sounded exactly the same live as on her records, and I couldn’t help but smile and sing right along with her.

I definitely recommend showing up early to see Stella perform. It’s 100 percent worth it.

“I just want to give the biggest warmest thank you to The Chainsmokers for having me on this tour, it’s been so amazing, and thank you guys for showing up early,” Stella said.

Next up was the impeccable band from Australia, 5 Seconds of Summer.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette students Kristin Tanner and Alexis Luquette shared their excitement about seeing the band.

“Moving Along, yeah Moving Along is so good, I’m just really excited,” Tanner said when asked which song she was most excited for.

“Yeah, I love 5 Seconds of Summer, but I like The Chainsmokers too,” Luquette said.      

I haven’t seen 5 Seconds of Summer live in nearly six years, but I’m here to tell you they’ve just gotten better and grown as a band. They sounded incredible live and are still playing all of their own music.

Other audience members felt nostalgic as well, with the band's set having old and new hits.

“5 Seconds of Summer really rocked out. I liked it a lot. It brought me back to 8th grade, and it’s creating so many great memories now,” LSU sophomore Jonathan Bullock said.

Along with playing their new hit song "Teeth," with the new version live from the fault being released that same day, 5SOS played classics like "Valentine," "She Looks So Perfect" and fan favorite "Amnesia."

It was impossible not to rock out with the boys while they played, and they expressed loving exploring the city just as much as playing it.

“We love your city. We love coming here. We had a couple days off here, and it’s beautiful,” Luke Hemmings said.

That of course includes our food.

“What you didn’t know is that I ate more jambalaya than I should have this weekend,” Ashton Irwin said jokingly.

Last, but certainly not least, was the main event, The Chainsmokers, whose killer set and amazing light show was the cherry on top of a perfect night.

I was not ready for all of the tricks The Chainsmokers had up their sleeves. Drew Taggart, Alex Pall and Matt McGuire had an insane amount of energy and were on their feet jamming out with the audience the whole entire set.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as interactive with their audience live as Taggart was. From running in their insane moveable set pieces to climbing up and down ladders to walkways in the air, Taggart did it all and did it well.

The Chainsmokers are known for their big collaborations, but Taggart definitely showed off his vocals performing their hits. However, the group brought out Lennon Stella to perform ‘Takeaway’ and 5SOS to perform ‘Who Do You Love' which the crowd went crazy for.

Keeping the trend of new music going, the group performed a new song as well as more hits like "Paris" and "Don’t Let Me Down."

The whole set was like one huge epic party, and the group pulled out all the stops. From their drummer McGuire playing with actual fire, to Taggart bringing out motorcyclists and jumping into the crowd then inviting a kid on stage to dance--who killed it by the way--the show was a blast.

“This is the most exciting show we’ve ever had in this city, and we’ve had a bunch,” Taggart said.

Afterwards I could barely hear or talk, but it was so worth it. The show was definitely a triple threat, with three great artists performing amazing sets for the price of one.

I have nothing but great "Feelings" about the show and would love to see "Something Just Like This" again, so if you plan on going to any of these artists next show here, then I’ll "Meet You There."

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