With dead week and finals on the horizon, finding the perfect study space is the last thing you’d want to worry about. Fortunately, Middleton Library implements creative environments and solutions designed to make students feel more at ease during this stressful time.

Along with the multitude of upcoming events starting dead week, Middleton offers an array of study areas for all personality types and preferences. To find your perfect space, you must take into consideration that noise levels, common areas and temperature are all contingent on which floor you’re on.

The first floor of Middleton has the heaviest flow of traffic and the temperature is most often determined by the weather for that day. On the first floor you will find the Research and Instruction Services desk where you can find liaisons for different subjects, research help and government documents.

The ITS help desk handles almost all print, technological and internet inquires. The Center for Academic Success and CC’s Coffee are also on the first floor. It’s the perfect study environment for students who like a busy, coffee shop-like ambiance.

“The first floor is the best floor for studying because you can find spots that are quiet, but you don’t have to not talk,” said chemical engineering junior Amanda Keene. “Whereas if you go upstairs you can probably get a study room, but that’s only if you book it in time.”

The second floor is similar to the first in that it is not a strictly quiet area. Although it is also a group-study floor, volume levels are considerably lower than the first floor due to less flow of traffic.

According to Custodian Supervisor, Mr. Chris, it is the best floor in terms of temperature because it is a perfect balance between cool air conditioning flow and heat from the sunlight. On the second floor, you can check out laptops, chargers, umbrellas, textbooks and markers all at the Access Service Desk. The Carter Music Resource Center provides vinyls, recordings and sheet music for students.

“The second floor is my favorite because it’s somewhat quiet, but you can still talk, and it also is a good temperature,” said chemical engineering sophomore Luke Ieyoub.

The third and fourth floor share many similarities in terms of temperature and noise levels. Both floors are for quiet, independent studying but offer group study rooms you can reserve. Although both floors share the same air conditioning system, the third floor tends to be warmer due to the heavier flow of traffic. On the third floor you will find the Math Lab and IT’S Print desk.

“I like doing my homework on the third floor because it’s relatively tranquil, and there’s always plenty of spaces available,” history freshman Phillip Lanier said.

The fourth floor is mostly for intense study, which means it has the least amount of traffic flow. This also means that it is the coldest and quietest floor in Middleton. Although both the third and fourth floor are typically the coldest floors, direct sunlight during the day causes temperatures to fluctuate between day and night.

“I like the quietness of the fourth floor, and I feel like you can really study best here,” ISDS sophomore Tamrah Offlee said. “It’s always pretty cold up here, but it keeps you awake.”

Whether you decide to make Middleton your study destination, there will be plenty of events designed to take the "dead" out of dead week. From Dec. 3 through 13, the relaxation room on the second floor will be open for all students to relax and unwind after hours of studying.

Student Government and the library are partnering for a night of 1,000 donuts On Dec. 8.

Pet therapy will be offered Monday and Thursday of exam week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more event information or questions visit the events page at Lib.LSU.edu for all dead week and final information.

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