There are limited places where LGBTQ+ community members can go to feel completely themselves. The Park Pub & Patio aims to do more than that.

“We kind of considered this an everybody bar,” said Quintin Little, general manager of the Park Pub & Patio. “We didn’t put a label on it or anything. We wanted a place that everyone can come to and have a good time.”

The Park seeks to not only be a new place for the LGBTQ+ community to feel included, but also to expand their audience for guests of all backgrounds to have a good time.

Little is also the general manager of Splash Nightclub, historically a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.

“I think that just in general from the time we first opened Splash until now, people look at Splash differently. People who aren’t gay feel more comfortable I think nowadays coming to Splash than what they did 15 years ago whenever we first opened,” Little said.

The attitude and cultural changes over time with Splash allowed the management to explore different demographics with the Park while still maintaining the same crowd.

The Park features an accommodating, spacious patio for guests to relax, over 15 high-definition television screens to watch sporting events and various games including darts, pool and Golden Tee Golf.

Splash’s management tried many exploratory projects including karaoke, but they didn’t work due to Splash’s building structure. The Park’s building layout allows them more success with those experimental ideas.

The Park is very open with windows allowing natural light to peer in.

“It isn’t as depressing,” Little said.

While Splash is open Thursday-Saturday, the Park is open seven days a week, with special events weekly.

“Sunday Socials” at the Park are designated for drag events including a drag brunch and special drag performances at night. Every other day the Park features themed events that appeal to larger audiences. These events include service industry nights, Fat Tuesday nights, karaoke nights and game day socials.

The Park Pub & Patio prides itself on being an inclusive venue where everyone can feel at home.

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