Powerpuff girls

In early March, the world got the news that everyone’s favorite crime-fighting cartoon trio, The Powerpuff Girls, would be joining the live-action wave in a brand-new CW remake series titled “Powerpuff Girls.”

The original series ran for seven years on Cartoon Network and won a multitude of television awards (and hearts). Everyone knows the triplets were created from sugar, spice and everything nice, but apparently the live action will get a lot darker than that.

According to Deadline, the story will follow Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup into their 20s as they face disappointment from spending their entire childhoods devoted to fighting instead of, you know, being kids.

The characters are definitely more mature and facing their own struggles in getting back into the crime-fighting lifestyle. The main question arises, which is basically the plot for almost every superhero storyline, which is: “will they go back to being superheroes when the world needs them the most?”

Celeb Magazine reports that Blossom, our favorite red-clad leader who is known for her obvious leadership role as well as her go-get-em attitude, now has “repressed kiddie-superhero trauma,” which has taken quite a toll on her personality. Her toughness is still intact though; she just wants to take matters into her own (adult) hands now. Will this include getting her sisters back together again?

Bubbles, America’s original blonde sweetheart, is apparently still the same (which I love). She is still cute on the outside, and tough on the inside as always. Her superhero traits do not fade into adulthood; however, she is said to be more interested in rebuilding her fame instead of saving the world. Does this mean they turned Bubbles into a stereotypical egotistical blonde? We’ll have to see.

Buttercup, the defiant rebel (and my personal favorite Powerpuff Girl), is said to be a lot more sensitive now as she’s grown up. She apparently does not want anything to do with the superhero brand and spends her adulthood trying to get rid of her identity by living anonymously.

So, let’s meet the real-life Powerpuff Girls.

The CW casted Disney channel star Dove Cameron, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Chloe Bennet and Broadway icon Yana Perrault to play Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

Cameron is known for her roles in shows such as “Liv & Maddie” as well as in the “Descendants” series. Her role as Bubbles seems very fitting and something she actually tweeted about back in 2013.

“I just really want to play Bubbles in a live-action Powerpuff Girls movie.” Now she finally is. Cameron tweeted about the script being her “true fantasy” as a fan of the original show.

Bennet also tweeted out her excitement and revealed her role as Blossom with a cute gif.

Perrault shared her good news through Instagram with a hilarious statement of “bag secured,” which is honestly what I imagine Buttercup would say in real life. This show is Perrault’s first on-screen role, as she mainly performs on stage. She was even supposed to be in the cast of “Hamilton” until the pandemic put the production on hold.

Now, this is a live-action adaptation, which is one of the most infamous genres that has been introduced to this generation. The stigma that is already attached to “Powerpuff Girls” mainly comes from the older fans that grew up on the Cartoon Network series. It’s easy to assume that the show will lose its appeal and originality because so many (if not all) great animated movies and series have been ruined with live-action remakes.

A lot of discourse stems from the fact that our childhood memories are at stake with these live-action remakes since a lot of studios completely change the storylines of the original shows and movies.

Even the idea of them being adults takes away from the original concept of the show. 

Some classics just need to be left alone, but will The CW do justice to our beloved Powerpuff Girls? One can only hope.

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