One of today’s most popular drink trends is boba tea (or “bubble” tea). In fact, the drink is so popular that there have been rumors of a nationwide boba and tapioca starch shortage that will supposedly impact boba tea shops in the U.S. for months.

If you need to get your tapioca fix before this shortage impacts Louisiana, here are the top five best places in Baton Rouge for boba.

5. MoMo Tea 

MoMo Tea is well-known for its innovative toppings – particularly a topping called ‘cheese foam.’ Cheese foam is made from cream cheese and typically gives teas a cheesecake-like taste. MoMo Tea provides more toppings options than tea options, but if you’re looking to try something interesting, this is definitely the place to do it.

Recommended drink: Dirty strawberry milk

4. Kung Fu Tea

As one of the most popular boba chains in the nation, Kung Fu Tea has a wide variety of tea and topping options for customers to try. Located near Perkins Rowe, Kung Fu Tea is in an ideal location to grab a to-go drink and shop. Some of the milk teas on the menu are less flavorful compared to other boba places on this list, but their classic teas are a great choice for anyone looking for a boba taste closer to an actual cup of tea.

Recommended drink: Honey black tea with tapioca

3. Pandan Teahouse 

Located within walking distance of LSU’s campus, Pandan Teahouse is a great place to grab some boba or Vietnamese cuisine. Although their menu consists of more food options than boba options, Pandan is worth the visit for its delicious jasmine and milk teas. Its chill atmosphere and great indoor seating makes this a prime location to hang out with friends after class or do homework during the day.

Recommended drink: Tiger milk tea with tapioca

2. Boba ParTea 

Boba ParTea has a diverse menu, with lots of unique drinks and great options to mix and match toppings and teas. The store itself is very cute and quaint, even down to their cups and logo. Boba ParTea’s portions are smaller compared to other stores on this list, and it is also located about 15 minutes away from campus. However, their delicious milk teas and popping bubbles are definitely worth a try.

Recommended drink: Brown bubu with sea salt milk foam and tapioca

1. Teatery

After going viral on TikTok in January, Teatery has quickly become a fan-favorite boba spot in Baton Rouge. Out of all the boba places on this list, Teatery has the most flavorful drinks and the most consistently soft, chewy tapioca – a necessity when it comes to boba tea. Along with a wide variety of tea and topping options, their menu also includes delicious baked goods, such as macarons and delimanjoo cakes.

Recommended drink: Taro milk tea with tapioca

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