11-5-17 Free First Sunday

Artwork sits on display at the LSU Museum of Art on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017.

With school starting or attempting to start (Laura and Marco who?), new in person and virtual events are popping up in Baton Rouge. To find plans for this week or to stay up to date, check the listings down below to see what’s going on this week in Baton Rouge.

New to Baton Rouge?

For the newbies, a tour of Baton Rouge might be the perfect way for you to get to know your city. Tours are available for the rest of the week except Sunday. However, if you’re looking for something more filling, there is also the option of a Baton Rouge food tour. To learn about our city, make reservations at the website below.



Into the Arts?

LSU Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit on the fifth floor of the Shaw Center now until late September. With a student ID, you can get in for free and view the wide range of art. Remember to wear a mask and to practice social distancing.

Miss Broadway?

August 27th, at 6 p.m., you and your friends can participate in a Zoom trivia night focused around Broadway. Before you take part in the fun, there is a small fee of only $10 that goes towards TheMenEvent, a small business fighting to survive during this crisis. For more information:


Sourdough Anyone?

Now through early September, you can become an expert baker for less than $20. Scheduled at a time convenient for you, Chef Danie Cooks will teach you how to make the perfect sourdough bread over a 10-day period. For more information:


Need some Zen?

If you are stressed about the new semester, yoga might be the perfect way to relax and calm your nerves. Yogarouge offers daily classes right next to campus with many time options ranging from early morning to late evening. To book your class and for more information head to yogarouge.com.

Baton Rouge is always filled with fun possibilities. Stay in the know by checking out “This Week in Baton Rouge” posted every Tuesday. There is always something for everyone in Baton Rouge!

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