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LSU students study on Tuesday Feb. 11, 2020 in Patrick F. Taylor Hall.

With midterms over and final exams on the horizon, many LSU students struggle to find a location to pull an all-nighter cramming for the end of the semester. Although Thanksgiving Break marks the end of in-person classes for the semester, late-night venues for college students are still a high-commodity in this new world. For those looking for an extra hour of silence outside their procrastination-filled home, here are five locations on and off of campus to flock to the week before a big test.  

Patrick F. Taylor Hall

The home to engineering students is filled with quiet study spots that make most late-night crammers drool. Sadly, the building officially closes its doors at 10 p.m. However, if you are inside the building before closing you are welcome to stay until they officially open the next morning. Having study rooms galore and multiple couches, desks and other random spots throughout the three floors of PFT, this late-night gem is available to all crammers.

Christ the King Center

The Catholic church on campus offers most of the same amenities as they did prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, with the only exception being the time students can use the facilities, which has now been cut to 11 p.m. Although this might not seem like a late closing time, most coffee shops around campus close at 10 p.m., thus making CTK a viable option for the extra hour. The church has a large library filled with books and religious text, giving off of the perfect study vibe late at night. Paired up with sleek desks and couches outside the quiet library, CTK could be a viable option before finals.

Business Education Complex

The Business Education Complex closes at 9 p.m., but, is open to all late-night scholars as long as their within the facilities. BEC, like PFT, is filled with study spots left and right throughout the buildings lining the courtyard. But, what makes the facility stand out is the four floors of the Rotunda. Staying in the Rotunda following the official closing hours opens the late-night game to a plethora of quiet studying zones that would peak even the serial midnight owls.

Any Residential Hall

Residents have an advantage in the studying department due to multitude of study locations and rooms in their respective Residential Halls. These study rooms are located far and wide with at least one, sometimes more, on each floor of the building. On top of that, the spots are open 24/7 only to residents of the building– until LSU exits phase one– and offer a quiet, studious environment.

Waffle House

Among the classic late night dining locations for teenagers and young adults returning after a time of wine and spirits, Waffle House is now one of the last locations still open 24/7. Although on a normal night in a pre-pandemic world this location would be filled with distractions, now the restaurant can act as a great dine-in study spot. With the ability to crank out quizlet after quizlet and munch on waffle at the same time, Waffle House tops of the list as an All-Star study spot.

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