The chicken sandwich is one of the most desirable food items in the industry, following the consistency of Chick-Fil-A and the insane success of the Popeyes chicken sandwich. However, there are more chicken sandwiches out there, deserving attention as well.

Luckily for LSU students, five of the best chicken sandwiches on the market are within driving distance from campus, for your delicious poultry cravings.

Here are, in my not-so-humble opinion, and in no particular order, the five best chicken sandwiches available, all of which are closely available for LSU students.

1. Chick-Fil-A - Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The chicken sandwich supposedly got its start at the Georgia-based chicken juggernaut Chick-Fil-A. The fried chicken breast, with three pickle slices and a toasted, buttered bun, has been a consistent cultural food staple for over 50 years now. However, it is the spicy iteration of the classic that takes the cake in my book. The blend of spices gives the classic formula enough kick to entertain your taste buds but not enough to really beat them to a pulp. A delicious sandwich from a delicious location, that has an on campus location, as well as two very nearby locations as well (one on College Drive and the other on Burbank Drive).

2. Popeyes - Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The social media sensation to end all social media sensation, the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich made cultural waves when it originally ran its previous limited time offer in early 2019. Since then, demand for the fried delicacy, consisting of spicy mayonnaise, pickles, a delicious golden fried chicken breast, and a brioche bun, has been at an all time high, so much so that it is now a full menu item rather than a limited item. Popeyes knocked the advertisement and social media craze out of the park, and the sandwich is absolutely worth every bit of the hype.

3. Atomic Burger - Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

When Atomic Burger opened its doors on Burbank, it made waves in the Baton Rouge burger scene. Now, they brought their popular limited time option of a fried chicken sandwich, which was extremely popular at their location in Metairie, to the 225. Featuring two styles, Nashville hot or mild, the sandwich is on a potato roll like the burgers at Atomic, then the chicken breast is duck fat fried, with roasted garlic aioli, pickled cabbage, and dill pickles to top. If you want a little extra heat, the Nashville hot choice is the best option, as it provides a fair amount of heat to balance the crisp, cool taste of the pickles and cabbage.

4. The Chimes - Blackened Chicken Sandwich

The Chimes is a local food staple, with two locations in Baton Rouge offering up delicious seafood and ice cold beer. However, one of the most underrated items on the menu isn’t seafood at all. The blackened chicken sandwich, aside from being fractionally healthier than its fried counterparts, features a chicken breast with delicious herbs and spices, coming to you dressed the way you want it. If you’re looking for something a little more in line with your diet, this is the chicken sandwich you want.

5. Raising Cane’s - The Sandwich Combo

Okay, here me out...the sandwich at Raising Cane’s is actually delicious. It contains all of the aspects of Cane’s that you know and love, while adding a new and convenient way to eat it. The three fingers and sauce are all their, and lie on a bed of lettuce on a delicious Kaiser Roll. It is a classic combo that cannot be beat, and it should be a much more popular selection on Cane’s menu than it currently it.


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