Essential College Clothing

Some essential every-day clothing for college on Friday, October 4, 2019.


We’ve reached the part of the semester where casually online shopping with our credit card knowing we’ll probably regret it later is a reoccurring event. While you’re at it, make sure you have these top 10 essential items to make choosing your outfits a breeze this fall.

1. Leggings

Comfort is key when it comes to college life, and nothing is comfier than a good pair of leggings. These will be your go-to for class, so make sure you get a good quality pair that’s durable and non-see-through. It’s pretty well known that Lululemon has the best leggings, but Nike, Gymshark, and Fashion Nova are other good alternatives.

2. Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts have to be my favorite bottoms to wear to class and around campus. Not only are they really coming back in style, but they can also add to your workout apparel. With the amount of walking it takes to get to and from class alone, athletic shorts are great athleisure pieces to add to your closet. Athleta, Nike and Lululemon have a good selection but athletic shorts can literally be found anywhere.

3. Cute Sneakers

Continuing with the Athleisure theme, sneakers are next on the list and another absolute essential. There are so many sneaker options that are in style and pretty affordable. New Balance, Nike, Adidas and so many more. Chunky or high-tops, all white or super colorful, you’re sure to find of kicks you love.

4. Rain Boots

The biggest must of them all with this crazy Louisiana weather. You honestly never know when you’re going to have to break out a pair of these bad boys, so it’s better to just have them in your closet for those rainy days. Rain booties are adorable, but sometimes this weather is anything but cute. Tall rain boots will do you good in the long run. Also, a cute matching rain jacket wouldn't hurt either. 

5. Classic Stylish T-Shirts

In college you don’t dress up as nearly as much as you think you would, so having comfy t-shirts is a must. Graphic or vintage style tees are my favorite to wear with leggings or athletic shorts. I like wearing them over-sized so their comfier and less sticky in the heat.

6. Jacket

Even though the weather in Louisiana is usually hot, there are some classrooms that are as cold as the arctic. For everyday I like to carry my windbreaker because it’s not bulky and easy to wrap around my waist.

7. Over-sized Sweatshirt

When it does get colder, an over-sized sweatshirt is the perfect item to keep you warm while still being comfortable. Their also really versatile, with you being able to wear them to class or to bed, or for some people both.

8. Business Casual Attire

I feel like a lot of students don’t think about adding business attire to their wardrobe, but it can really come in handy for any interviews or business casual events you may end up having. Blazers are also super in style right now, and you can wear them in a professional setting or for a casual event. Trousers are also cute dressed up or down for any occasion.

9. A Good Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a classic staple in your wardrobe and a trend that will never go away. They’re also the one item I recommend investing in because you know you’ll wear them all the time and the better the quality the longer they’ll last. Levi jeans are my absolute favorite, especially a good vintage pair. You can even find them for a decent price at Goodwill or from someone selling vintage clothing online.

10. Sundress

It’s always a good idea to have a dress handy just in case you decide to go out or to a fancier event. Sundresses are super in trend and convenient being comfy and cute. You can also dress them down with a pair of high-top converse or up with a pair of heels or wedges.

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