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Tik Tok has been my savior during this time of social distancing.

Some days I can spend longer than I’d like to admit on the app. Coming from someone who never thought they’d download the app let alone like it as much as I do, I definitely think it’s worth getting.

Tik Tok has the nostalgia of Vine with the humor of Twitter, and I think it’s here to stay. So, whether you’re bored and looking for new videos to watch or you’re a veteran on the app, here’s my list of the Tik Tokers you should be watching.


One of the first Tik Toks I saw was of @xlil_permx on Twitter so it’s only right we start with him. His videos are iconic and absolutely groundbreaking. No one makes hand gestures like him or talks faster, and we love to see it.


I think it’s safe to say that Mark is the king of Tik Tok. His Tik Toks were really what made me cave in and decide to get the app. Everyone knows his iconic teacher POVs that are super relatable and hilarious.


You can’t talk about POVs without talking about everyone’s favorite Twitter character. Rosa is so funny and loveable, and every video just gets better. If you’re on Tik Tok, you have to watch @adamrayokay videos.


Ivan makes super funny relationship videos and just random things. Ever since quarantine started, he’s been making nonstop content, and it’s a great time.


No one makes a funny screaming video like Tayden. When you see him with the black wig on or driving in his car, you know it’s going to be a good one.


Follow for funny videos with characters you love to hate. Really, Austin makes videos you laugh and cringe at, but you love to see.


@bennydrama69 has some of my favorite Tik Toks of all time. He does the funniest impression of Shawn Mendes ever and I can’t stop watching them. Nothing will ever top the Galentine’s Day song or the POV Valentine’s Day date with Shawn Mendes.


The number one Nicki Minaj fan and queen of Tik Tok @emmuhlu is definitely someone everyone has to follow. She’s funny and relatable and not afraid to tell it like it is. No one can recite a Nicki song or go on a funny video spree like her. She’s simply the best.


David has to be one of my favorite Tik Tokers ever. He’s so genuinely funny and makes quality content. You might not know what’s going on but that’s what makes it funny. We love to see a funny talented king.


Cowboy Cale is a must watch on Tik Tok. The Corona content is impeccable.


Tyga is now on Tik Tok, and his videos are genuinely funny. A lot of celebrities have hoped on the Tik Tok trend, but Tyga seems to actually get it. If you follow any celebrity on Tik Tok it has to be him.

These were only some really great people to follow but there’s so many more create content creators on the app, so go explore and find what interests you.

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